#215: No One Can “Make You Feel” – Ever! [WOYG Podcast]

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Emotions are not given out. No one can make you feel any way, ever. Every emotion and feeling you feel is chosen. This is not to say you cannot facilitate emotions in others; you certainly can. Keep the equation set up this way: You can control theirs; don’t let them control yours.

No one can force you to feel any emotion. Good, bad, or indifferent.

Today’s show will help you understand it clearly. Whether or not you’re ready to accept it is up to you, really.

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  1. This one has been seeping in to my unconscious, the implications of it are powerful. If you can control your thoughts, you can then be bulletproof from the judgement of others. If no one, except us, can make us feel, this is important and up there with confidence and a purpose.

    We choose what we let in, if we don’t control it then we’ve made the choice to let our lives be blown around on the results of others opinions, thoughts, feelings. I’ve done this in relationships in the past, let my mood be effected by her mood at that given time. Always feeling the need to make her happy and keep her feeling good. Then I can feel good as my mood was effected by hers, BUT my mood shouldn’t be controlled by others and should be my responsibility. Yet it was really down to me to be in control of my own frame.

    This one has big implications, is powerful and when I think back I gave away my power. Another reason why these relationships never lasted. I believe it was down to me, not showing up as I should have, holding back-trying to please if you like, keeping it light and not saying what was really going on, then giving away my power. From their perspective you can’t love someone who isn’t there. I wasn’t pro active in the relationship and we just floated to nowhere. It’s good to be able to reflect so you wont repeat it.

    Had to think about this one Dre, normally I comment straight away but had to let it sink in.

    • Great personal insight and revelations, Colin. I’m glad this episode made you think.

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