#2159: Facts Don’t Care About Your Feelings [Work On Your Game Podcast]

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Facts matter more than opinion period! A sensible person who adheres to logic and reason knows this. Wise, smart and successful people aren’t afraid to make adjustments based on the data staring them in the face, even if it is not consistent with their opinions and beliefs. Be wise and sensible. Listen up!

Show Notes:

[12:22]#1 Your main affiliation is performance and results.
[18:49]#2 Your job is to measure, track and analyze the results of your actions.
[26:47]#3 You are in a moment of inaccurate thinking, when you dismiss an objective fact and then just defer to your feelings.
[33:03]#4 If you allow your feelings to supersede the facts in front of you, the facts will smack you till you get the point, or get a concussion or until your death!

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