#220: Inconvenient Life Truths Pt. 1 [ WOYG Podcast ]

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These are some things about you need to know – maybe some you already know but have forgotten about – about life that I want to put fresh in your mind today. These aren’t the type of truths that are so easy to swallow, though.

These truths are labeled “inconvenient” because one of these truths may conflict with something you’ve been habitually doing all year. Maybe you’ve been doing it all your life. Maybe you’ll be harshly judged by your peer group if you follow one of these truths. Maybe you’ll lose your peer group in following one of these truths.

But truths, they are. And an inconvenient truth is infinitely more valuable than a convenient lie.  

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  1. Dre I know that first one, that most people will stay the same, it’s kinda tragic really, it’s not a fate I want for anyone, we’re all capable of so much more, how capable is down to the individual to discover, but we can all do more. Yet you can’t force people to, you can’t nag people to, like you said they have to want to.

    Best thing you can do is focus on your life, your goals and maybe they will start taking an interest, especially when they start seeing you get some success and maybe they’ll do the same.

    The repetition is important, all this information needs to become a part of you. Needs to seep in to your bones, becomes second nature, you don’t have to think about it, it becomes a daily habit.

    Mcdonalds is a good example of most known yet it’s far from the best source of food and nutrition. Yet a lot of people do it.

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