#221: Inconvenient Life Truths Pt. 2 [ WOYG Podcast ]

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These are some things about you need to know – maybe some you already know but have forgotten about – about life that I want to put fresh in your mind today. These aren’t the type of truths that are so easy to swallow, though.

These truths are labeled “inconvenient” because one of these truths may conflict with something you’ve been habitually doing all year. Maybe you’ve been doing it all your life. Maybe you’ll be harshly judged by your peer group if you follow one of these truths. Maybe you’ll lose your peer group in following one of these truths.

But truths, they are. And an inconvenient truth is infinitely more valuable than a convenient lie.

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  1. I didn’t find any of these inconvenient or negative, just truth. The only time I can think where they would be inconvenient or negative is if I wasn’t aware of them or I hadn’t put them in to practice and they were now biting my ass. Then if that’s the case I didn’t protect myself.

    I can’t remember which one but was listening to a survival podcast and they spoke of being self reliant in a crisis situation, they basically said that the government and police have their own objectives, they did state that it wasn’t their fault but they’re not that prepared to deal with everyone, and that you should sort yourself out and get out of dodge. Have a plan for that type of situation. War or power outage on a mass scale. Always thought it made sense.

    Best way to get out of a fight is to walk away.

    To me your podcast, your work, is about getting your head right, focusing on the things you want and taking responsibility for yourself. In the end your mind is the most important thing, as long as it’s working for you and not against you.

    Always appreciate what you have to say Dre.

    • That’s exactly right Colin. Thanks! You’re also correct about the inconveniences -- they only hurt when you’re not aware.

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