#2260: The Case for Making More Content [Work On Your Game Podcast]

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Burn your brand into other people’s minds! The fastest way to do this is to put your free information out there online. Do this in volume and choose the correct information consistently!

Show Notes:

[04:29]#1 Content makes you discoverable.
[15:42]#2 Content helps you master your voice
[18:36]#3 The right content done in volume, makes you “own” a subject.

Episodes Mentioned:

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1898: How To Become A Content Machine htttp://dreallday.com/1898-
1311: How To Make EVERYTHING Into Content Material htttp://dreallday.com/1311-
1213: Why You Need To Be Creating Content ALL The Time htttp://dreallday.com/1213-
2257: How To Become A Master Communicator htttp://dreallday.com/2257-
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