#230: Your Mess is Your Message [WOYG Podcast]

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You credential looks great up there on your living room wall or the About page of your website. People have to REALLY respect you for doing all of that!

And they surely will. But none of them will do anything other than that – like buy your stuff or feel you understand them – just based on what makes you great.

Your achievements are communicated through logic. I did this, so look up to me! People can understand logic, but people don’t connect with logic.

We connect through emotion. Emotions is best conveyed through experience, and short of that – like when the experience already happened – we tell stories. And if you’re the decorated, highly-accomplished person standing on stage or on the magazine cover, the not-so-great story of your life is where the connection lies.

In today’s show, learn how to use your mess as the main connection agent in your message. Your business depends on it.

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  1. This one fits in nicely with your personal power episode, point number 3, Be you. The real, raw you. It’s easy to gloss over the mess, when you look back a fair amount of it was mess and that’s what led to the successful results.

    From personal experience, even the successes contained a fair amount of mess. Now moving forward it contains alot of mess, I’m not where I want to be but know where I’m going, and even though it’s a higher level than when I started it’s still somewhere I haven’t been before so contains mess. I imagine that’s the same for everyone going to the next level of success. So it’s always going to be messy and that lies the opportunity to write, video, create audio that details that journey. Even if you’re starting out, even if you’ve just taken that first step, you still have something to share, a lifeline for others to follow.

    Perfection is one of my traps, I cover it up so it looks good but isn’t the full story, in fact it’s the tip of the iceberg. Perfection doesn’t really exist in anything, I know this on a logical level but still struggle with it on an emotional one. It’s still a big downfall. When really it’s just fear, most likely that big one fear of being judged.

    Perfection isn’t real, what is real is all the steps it took to get where you want to be. The trying, the falling, the getting back up and going again or finding a new way to do it. The raw. Now that I need to internalise.

    A thought provoking episode Dre. I love episodes like this.

    • Happy to hear it Colin! Glad you got some personal insights from it.

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