#232: How Long Are You Willing To Work Without Recognition? [WOYG Podcast]

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“The work done in the dark will soon come to the light.” We’ve all heard that, and it’s great to say when we’re experiencing the Win: attention, adulation, awards, success. Today’s show is about doing that dark work while the Win isn’t anywhere in sight – as a matter of fact, you may be thinking you’re closer to a Loss than a win.

How long are you willing to work without the Win finding you? Would you work for years on something with no guarantee the recognition will ever happen? That’s what professional athletes and olympians do every day. You could do the same in a business, family, or relationship.

How long are you willing to work?

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  1. First you’ve got to have a purpose. It really is the most important thing, to know in your mind that you’re working on something you feel is significant. That’s where it starts. From there you can build a following, maybe others in a similar situation to you where you can help each other, a master mind. Recognition for each other when you reach a breakthrough, no matter how tiny.

    What are your reasons for doing it? Are you doing it for the work, to create a legacy, something you can stand by or are you doing it for the lifestyle, the glamour you think it will provide. Nothing wrong with either, you just have to know.

    Are you doing the work for the love of the game, it really helps if you love the game. To see progress, no matter how small.

    Recognise your staff, recognise your customers, recognise your suppliers. Recognise your competitors. Great way to add value to relationships.

    How bad do you want it? Know what you want, the end goal. Then do the work until you get it.

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