#233: How To Be “Strategically Rude” [WOYG Podcast]

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Personally, I see a need to sometimes drop the facade of politeness. As Niccolo Machiavelli said (I’m paraphrasing), those who are always good will come to ruin by those who are not so good. I think it does us – and the people we deal with – much good to occasionally slap people in the face with some blunt reality.

It’s a great energy release. It wakes people up – even someone who is not the target of your verbiage. And it opens the floor for others to express themselves likewise.

Anyone who knows me, knows this already. Today’s show tells you why, and some of the how for you to start using it.

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  1. An interesting episode. This comes from a place of personal power, this is who I am, this is what I know, take it or leave it. Knowing what you’re about can save hours, I know from personal experience. I’m a fence sitter, can see different sides to an argument so always try and keep the peace, even if it means backing down. Confrontation isn’t my strong suit. I’ve wasted alot of time doing that.

    When it comes to personal relationships I’ve found it’s one of the keys. Knowing who you are and where you stand and defending it, I’ve found that women don’t like it when you change positions to try and keep the peace.

    Always valuable Dre.

    • Nothing wrong with not taking sides in a conflict not involving you; peace is a good thing! This is more about making decision for yourself and the things important to you. Thanks for the feedback Colin.

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