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To be ignorant means to not know something, having a lack of knowledge or information on certain things. Stupid is when you have information and you still make a mistake, You know already that you’re doing something that’s not going to work but you still do it!

And in this masterclass today I want you learn to stop or discontinuing the bad habit that making you stupid!

Show Notes:

[11:03]#1 Stupidity is when you do know something, but you still do the wrong thing. Ignorance is understandable, stupidity is not.
[16:06]#2 It is not your 100% fault, some of it we got to blame on nature. By nature, human beings are creatures of habit, we usually keep doing the same things over and over again
[22:32]#3 Everything said today is the exact reason why you need high level people around you such as coaches, trainers, accountability partners, and people who can check you and hold you accountable

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