#235: How to Boss Up [WOYG Podcast]

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Many young people, up-and-coming professionals (and some of the not-so-young), want to be a Boss these days. The person who writes the checks, calls the shots, has final say in anything and everything. Instagram picture has helped push the idea of being the CEO or entrepreneur (or both).

It’s possible. But you need some fundamental skills.

Today I share some principles and strategies for how to start bossing up in your business life. Some are mental and internal; some are strategic and based on your communication and leadership skills.

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  1. This is where I went wrong with my gardening business, I created a job for myself and to be fair I enjoyed the work but I never moved it to the next level.

    Now this time I’m going to be working the other way, Boss first, and create with others in mind for key positions. I’ll have the overview and know a bit about each area but I’ll hire the expertise, those that excel in that one area or two. It’s good to hire those who have more than one skill.

    People skills is what I’m developing from your work, that and working on myself. Recognition for those who work for me, they’ll get credit. Picked that tip up from you too.

    I want to be the one who writes the cheques.

    Always appreciate what you have to say Dre.

    • Great stuff Colin! This is a huge shift in work for most people; one which most people never get around to making.

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