#2351: Business Challenges: ALWAYS On The Owners & System – Never On The Workers [Work On Your Game Podcast]

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Who’s to blame when you order at a restaurant and they serve it too long? In this episode I wanna share with you our experience with my son when we went out to a restaurant that had a bunch of customers and why I came up with this masterclass today.

But getting on the question of who will be blamed for when we go to a place where the process was not good, Is it the boss or the workers? Join me in this masterclass for you to know the answer.

Show Notes:

[09:11]#1 Your job as a boss or owner is to hire the best people, give them a workable system to operate that produces consistent results.
[14:07]#2 When your customers, clients and prospects are dissatisfied while your people are operating with positive intent, then what you need to look at is your process.
[19:10]#3 The end game regardless of why these challenges happen in businesses is trashy systems and processes that lead to uneven operations.

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