#237: The Winter Eliminates The Weak – Are You Ready? [WOYG Podcast]

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The season happen each year, in equal amounts of time each. We as people have seasons too. Thing is, our season don’t follow a set calendar – so we don’t know when they’re coming. Our seasons sometimes don’t end after 3 months.

This can hurt us in multiple ways: When it’s good, we kick our feet up as if it’ll last forever. And when it’s bad, we succumb to weakness and many of us quit.

This episode is about that season of Winter. Many people don’t know why Winter exists: to eliminate the weak. Weak people, weak ideas, weak animals, weak plant life. Not everyone will make it to see the new life of Spring.  

Learn today about Winter, and how you can make sure you’re bundled up – mentally and emotionally, that is. In Miami, the Winter is in the 8os. Not that I’m bragging.

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  1. This takes me back to my gardening business, used to work from the beginning of March to the end of October then I’d be off for the winter. So in those eight months you had to make sure you had enough money to see you through the winter, I learned that you needed more than you thought because sometimes the winter doesn’t end in February and can continue into March.

    One year I was out of work for six months, luckily I had reserves. The winter, if you’ve prepared right, can be a good time to plan and prepare for the coming seasons. Failing that you just have to put on your winter clothes and brave the cold and icy conditions.

    I can also confirm that in the UK, we use the term bollocks.

    • Haha that’s where I go the term form, reading an English writer. And yes surviving winter is a skill!

  2. Dre, i Got question for you, what is better; working only on my dribbling skills at my home( inside, where is warm) or risk and go out every day of the Winter to work on my game as i did in summer?

    • 1. Why is it a “risk” going outside?
      2. What is better is based on your results from the action.

      • Risk means getting sick from cold weather etc. And i know that i Got to take risk to be succesful, but my question is; is it worth to risk Your health?

        • If health is your priority, playing basketball is more dangerous than catching a cold!
          Not my call what is worth a risk to YOUR health -- you must make that call. You have to weigh which is more important -- your game or your fear of getting sick.

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