#239: Doing Only What You Do Best – Where All the Money Is [WOYG Podcast]

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We all spend a lot of time and energy on things we’re not even good at. This kills out happiness, productivity and efficiency all in one.

Happiness because there’s a struggle to figure stuff out. Yes, there can be benefits from this, but wouldn’t you rather do what you’re good at?

Productivity and efficiency, because there’s someone out there who could do the same work, and do it better than us, in half the time.

Wouldn’t it be great if we focused 100% of our on-the-clock work time on things that were strengths? Wouldn’t we be happier? Wouldn’t we get more done in less time? Wouldn’t it take less energy to do it? Wouldn’t we serve more people by staying in these “power lanes”?

I think so. Today, I’ll explain how and why.

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  1. This one goes great with the bossing up episode, do what you’re great at and fill in the blanks with those who are great at your weaknesses. Win/Win situation right there, if people love doing what you’re weak at and aren’t good at what you do best, that’s a team member right there.

    If you’re great with people you’re set because any skill you can name you can hire in, to be fair you can hire in those with people skills. Actually that’s a good idea too, hire managers who are great with people. Build a business or career around your strengths and the strengths of those working with you.

    I’m great with the BIG picture, with the vision so it’s clear that I can colour that vision with the right people, work with them and their strengths to create something I can’t do alone. Aslong as you’re a great communicator and can clearly tell others how you see it.

    You can also use your talents to find a way to do something, I’m not the best communicator when it comes to talking but I can illustrate my vision or write my vision so others get it.

    Great episode Dre, has me thinking as always.

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