#240: Why You Need To Read – A Lot [WOYG Podcast]

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Reading is fundamental. Readers are leaders. The top CEOs in America read 50-60 more books than their average employee reads. Most (more than 50% of) people finish their schooling and never read another book in their lives.


Reading makes you smarter, cultivates critical thinking, expands your imagination. There are many other reasons, which I’ll explain in today’s show. One unmentioned reason is that your host has written 12 books of his own, and you should own all 12 of them!! Get them here on Amazon.

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  1. Hey Dre,

    I do agree wih you that reading is important and that it should be done on a daily basis but I dissagree on your thought that reading with our eyes is the best way to learn. You forget that people have different dominant learning styles and because of that they lean toward learning best in one method of learning. Some are Visual which would be best suited for reading, some are auditory which would be best suited for audiobooks and podcasts and some are Kinesthetic which would be best suited for hands on approch to learning. Here is a link about the methods of learning


    In the article it states “We retain approximately 10 percent of what we see; 30 to 40 percent of what
    we see and hear; and 90 percent of what we see, hear, and do. We all have the capability to learn via all three styles, but are usually dominate in one.”

    A well balanced approach would be to listen to the audiobook and read the book, then take action based on the principles in the book.

    Lastly we remember
    “10% of what we read
    20% of what we hear
    30% of what we see
    50% of what we see and hear
    70% of what we discuss with others
    80% of what we personally experience
    95% or what we teach others”

    —Edgar Dale

    The Other two steps after taking action would be to discuss the book with like minded individuals (WOYG Forum anyone) and then pass the knowledge on and teach. You covered this in the podcast when you were taking about thought leaders writing books. Just my 2 cents on the topic.

    Oh and I am reading Poor Charlies Almanack by Charles Munger, he is the brains behind Warren Buffets company and actually has a huge book on his philosphies and lessons. You can find it here on Amazon https://www.amazon.com/Poor-Charlies-Almanack-Wisdom-Charles/dp/157864366X

    Im Listening to Brian Tracys accelerated learning techniques audio course where he goes into the science, tips and tools on how to learn the best in conjunction with your needs.

    • Thanks for the feedback Justin. Great points. Hopefully you know I’ve covered many of your counter points in previous episodes —

      -- Taking Notes episode
      -- Doing What Works For You
      -- What to DO With What You Know episode
      -- Taking Action (multiple eps)

      — If not, go back and listen to all episodes of the show. I’ve found sometimes people catch one point of mine. and their responses don’t take into account anything else which has been said (discussed in the Convenience episode)

      Thanks again.

  2. Great benefits from reading and I can say that I’m above average but nowhere near the top CEO’s.

    I’m reading How to Study and Master any subject-Quickly. It’s interesting and has 8 fast ways to learn. It’s by Mario J Giordano. Want those competitive advantages, even if I’m competing against myself.

    • Good stuff Colin! That’s an interesting book, haven’t heard of it.

    • Good reads.
      Re: Floyd: Ha, try again. Don’t believe everything you hear on social media if it isn’t from the mouth of the subject. People who listen to my podcast should know better than this social media foolishness. Floyd just posted online re this exact topic with his Pac fight check.
      Difference: Floyd himself said it.
      Funny people get excited hoping to get something free … smh I still have more work to do.

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