#244: Are You Following A Leader or A Follower? [WOYG Podcast]

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When I worked at a gym as a membership salesperson, my supervisor would “motivate” us by saying, “unless you’re the lead dog, the view never changes.” He said it tongue-in-cheek, but I hated that saying. Not because it’s not true – it is – but because I could never get to the #1 sales spot in the district.

I don’t know much about the person who was the lead salesperson, but I wasn’t following anyone. I was just trying to keep my bills paid and get the hell out of there. Luckily I did.

But that story brought me to today’s topic. You may not always be the lead dog, but make sure you’re behind someone who knows where they’re going. Have you looked closely at the people you’re following? Are you following people who are blazing trails or people who are merely doing what they’ve seen someone else do? And why?

Learn today if you’re following a leader of following a follower.

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  1. It’s always good to know what to look for when following others.

    It all starts and ends with you though, lead yourself even when following, you do this by knowing what you want. Once you get clear on that it makes everything so much easier.

    The whole listen to others but think for yourself.

    Have never really followed others, the Times I did I got in trouble but can’t blame them as I wasn’t thinking, to be fair I’ve got in trouble by not following but it was more fun. What I love about your podcast Dre is it helps focus my thoughts so I can have break through moments and I’m left thinking ah now I get it, now I know why I do that or don’t do that.

    Your content is always appreciated.

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