#247: How To Stop Overthinking Your Performance [WOYG Podcast]

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You put in all that practice time. Anticipated this moment. You even visualized how you would perform and dominate.

Then the lights come on, you’re all set to go on stage or on the court, and you start overthinking everything. You think about possibly failing. You think about all the reasons it would be much easier to not do this. You think about everything other than just doing what you already know how to do.

Has this ever happened to you? Would you like to get rid of it — Forever? Good. I knew you did.

Today I will explain to you how to kill the dreaded overthinking habit that is killing your moments, slowing you down, and getting in the way of your successes.

And it won’t come back to life.

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  1. Great points Dre. That would be great if we all could exist inside the zone for 16 hours, even 8 hours, as we’d be so much more productive. If we could figure that out human achievement would explode. Imagine the possibilities there.

    Being prepared is the thing, visualization is a great thing and a powerful force but preparation is the key, know where you want to go, know the outcome you want, then visualize. I have a tendency to jump the preparation step and visualize, it has worked but because I wasn’t prepared I didn’t know where to go after I got the result I wanted, with preparation you can take care of that. The result of that was I lost what I had gained.

    Always gets me thinking Dre about how I can apply this to my own life. Prepare, visualize, in the zone.

    • Yes, preparation is everything. Glad you got value from this episode Colin.

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