#252: The Difference Between Knowledge and Learning [WOYG Podcast]

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Libraries have aisles upon aisles of knowledge, gathered and collected into books written by very knowledgeable people. The strength of libraries, though, is also their challenge: all that knowledge is getting older by the day. And so is the knowledge in your brain.

This is not to say libraries and books and what you know aren’t valuable assets. What I am saying: new, current, happening-now stuff gets more of our attention. That’s where Learning comes in.

Learning is active, current, and in motion. Learning incorporates knowledge – take that old information, figure our how it’s relevant here and now, use it, and you’ve created new knowledge. That new knowledge is now on the clock, getting older by the second. Which means new learning needs to happen.

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  1. Your knowledge is what you give back to others while you’re venturing further down your path and learning and expanding on what you don’t yet know. Maybe you’re learning from someone who’s further down the path than you, or learning through experience, especially if nobody has gone down that path.

    The more you learn the more you can apply to what you’re doing. I always try and learn from multiple sources, areas that at first glance don’t appear related to each other, you then take that and combine them together to create something new.

    It’s said that the Universe is expanding, I always find that with learning, the more I study a subject the more it opens up and the more I need to learn. Can get overwhelming, the learning never stops and never will, you’ll never know it all, but you will know enough.

    This is the important point, you have to apply what you’re learning otherwise you’re just collecting information. See episode 208 Don’t be a PIG I do sometimes fall into this trap, I get caught up in the learning and stop the action. Applying it, is where it counts.

    Another great episode Dre. Always learning something here or reinforcing what I know or expanding on what I know.

    • I agree Colin, learning creates possibilities continuously. Thanks for the references!

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