#253: Increasing Your PERSONAL Value: The How and Why [WOYG Podcast]

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Value: when someone gets more than they paid for something. This can be time, energy, money, attention – anything that person wants.

People with little personal value can’t make money. They can’t make demands, because they’re not IN demand – low value people are easy to replace.

Don’t be one.

Today you’ll learn how to increase YOUR value. The higher your personal value, the more you can give to others, and in turn, the more you can charge for your services.

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  1. What you offer should exceed the price that’s paid. Work out what you want, know the cost of what you want Episode 225 Price vs Cost then create value for others that exceeds the cost to you. You get what you want, they get what they want.

    What can you offer? What do you know that others don’t know? See episode 252 Difference between Knowledge and Learning. As well as Episodes 173 and 33 as mentioned in the podcast Plus episode 106 Better yet listen to every episode of the Work On Your Game podcast, take notes apply what you learn.

    Put your work out there and listen to episodes 231 Building Relationships Before You Need Them, 236 How Your Audience Selects Itself and 238 How To Build A Following -- You Don’t. Create a product based on feedback from your audience, create multiple products based on your audience.

    Finally you want more, you want a surplus of everything. Listen to episode 242 Why And How To Be Disciplined. Dre talks about the book the 10X rule, see Dre’s reading list, and how you need to create more of what you need to get and maintain what you want. You’ll also need to create 10X value above that to get what you want.

    Increase your value in all areas and let what you learn spill over, so it’s just flowing out of you. What you learn in one area can be applied to other areas. Read about what’s going on in your industry and all the industries related to it. You’ll be surprised how connected industries are. You’ll quickly learn what’s important, what the challenges are. Find solutions to the problems the industries face, find a better way of doing something.

    3D printing stretches across all industries how can you use it in yours? Automation will replace jobs, how will this effect you? Learn about new technology. Become Self Reliant in all areas and NEVER be dependent on just one thing. Episode 222 Why Not To Do Just One Thing.

    Thanks Dre, another Great episode.

    • You’re welcome Colin. I appreciate the continuous feedback!

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