#254: Long Term Success Requires Long Term Work [WOYG Podcast]

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Social media is a microwave for attention. It’s helped many people – including me – get seen, heard and known by the public.

There are some things you should know about microwaves, though.

Have you ever wondered how the microwave can make food hot so damn fast? What is the microwave doing that the oven isn’t doing?

Well, it uses waves radiation, which go into your food (and the atmosphere – notice the small holes on the sides) to make it hot really quickly. I’m no scientist, but I don’t want radiation in my food, no matter how small the dosage.

You don’t want your success to have waves of radiation emanating from it either. I hear it sides nausea.

Today’s show is about building long term success, which must be cooked in the oven. Start it on preheat now.

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