#262: Someone’s Taking YOUR Money Off The Table [WOYG Podcast]

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The common denominator in business is money. We have different goals – expansion; happiness; doing what we love; contributing to a greater cause – but the bottom line of business is always money.

And someone is taking yours off the table as you read this.

How? Why? Where?

Learn in the show today.

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  1. I started my gardening business knowing nothing about gardening, I knew how to push a mower and that’s it and I thought of myself as a fraud until I worked out that they’re paying me because they don’t want to do, don’t have time, can’t do it. Had a lot of older customers. They were happy that the lawn was getting cut and their garden was looking neat. So I learnt as I went.

    Need to apply that attitude to my new venture. Learn as you go but take the action first.

    Appreciate the reminder Dre. Need to burn that quote into my head More people come up short through inaction than unsuccessful action. I know that to be true, everyone knows that to be true, where you do nothing and nothing happens but regret later down the line because you didn’t.

    The gardening made money from day one.

    • Perfect example Colin. The opportunity is there for those who venture to try -- often in simple thing that seem to be already “taken.”

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