#267: Fake Problems Vs. Real Problems [WOYG Podcast]

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Problems: You’re either in one, just came out of one, or are headed to a new one. They always exist, But some people have the bad habit of creating problems – in their minds – which don’t actually exist.


Today I’ll help you discern between a real and a fake problem. Now you can allocate your precious resources of time and attention to what really matters.

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  1. The illusion of action, solving fake problems, putting out fires. Using your mental and physical energy to put out fake fires that just keep on coming.

    Fake problems always seem easier to solve, it’s because of such and such, can’t do anything about it so it’s not my fault.

    Looking at yourself is much harder, atleast to start with, yet that’s where you solve the core issue. It’s you. Which is actually easier as you’re then the solution.

    I struggle with it too, getting caught up in the loop of fake problems, then going it’s such and such and moving on to the next fake problem. Fear is usually always behind it, you can hide behind fake problems and not address the real issue. YOU or ME.

    So really it means there is no problem you can’t solve, if your the problem you can find the solution, and if it’s outside of your control its fake and you can look deeper inside yourself to find the real issue.

    Imagine how much more energy, mental and physical, you’ll have when you’re not putting out fires.

    Interesting episode Dre, appreciate the content.

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