#271: Leaders Cannot Have Fragile Egos [WOYG Podcast]

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Leadership isn’t easy. People constantly question your actions. When you’re successful, people want the credit for themselves, and may start to feel they don’t even need you. If something you start doesn’t work, a weak leader may even feel threatened.

You can’t afford to be.

As the person on top, you can’t afford moments of weakness if something goes wrong. Especially not with everyone watching you. And when your subordinates decide they are good enough to not need your leadership – whether wrong or right – you cannot take it personally.

Learn how to steel your nerves as a leader today.

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  1. I’ve always found that if someone is trying to get a reaction from you and you don’t react, they don’t bother trying anymore. Yet if you do react they know your hot button and continue to push it more and more.

    Be in control of you at all times. It’s the only thing you can 100% control. Lead yourself and others will follow your example.

    • Absolutely. Robert Greene talks about this in the 48 Laws. Easier said than done though!

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