#273: Preparation & Opportunity: The “Hawk Mentality” [WOYG Podcast]

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There are hawks that fly overhead in Miami all the time. Hundreds of them, actually. I was looking up why they circled in packs like that one day and jumped into a deep hole of reading about hawks. I learned many things about one of my favorite animals that day, which lead to today’s episode.

Hawks are animals of preparation and opportunity – actually the only animals which fail to immediately capitalize on opportunity are humans – which made me like them even more. Today, I explain how to use the principles and tendencies of hawks for your own benefit.

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  1. I’ve just recently got a book called Left Of Bang, about situational awareness in combat situations and how we can apply it in day to day life. The Hawk is perfect at this, sits comfortable, looking relaxed but is watching and knows everything that’s going on.

    My situational awareness skills are severely lacking, not paying attention to what’s going on around me and this could prove dangerous, although when you’re in an environment you don’t know you’re more aware. Complacency will be the thing that gets you. I’m usually in my head thinking about something that’s not in the present moment, that can be useful skill at times but sometimes you need to be more present and it’s something I need to work on ALOT.

    Always being relaxed but on alert and ready. Its a delicate balancing act.

    I always love watching animals in their environment, find it relaxing and you can learn alot from them.

    An interesting episode Dre.

    • That sounds like a good book; I’ve not heard of it. And awareness is super important for humans, as we grow more distracted by all our stuff. Thanks Colin!

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