#275: Dre Baldwin’s Life Principles, Pt. 2 [WOYG Podcast]

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Today I’ll share some principles I live my life by. Actually every episode does that, but today (combined with yesterday), I will share some specific principles of mine. I’m interested to know if you have any in common with me or have even thought of some of these?


Let me know.

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  1. Reality is fully negotiable, that right there. Realistic is what others feel is achievable for them, not you. Only you can decide what’s achievable for yourself. Maybe when they see you achieving your goals they’ll move up a level or maybe you wont be hanging around them anymore.

    Until I started listening to your podcast I never fully understood the birds of a feather flock together, choose your friends wisely sayings. A guy I knew growing up became really successful in his field and he moved away from our town to achieve that, I never understood the reason until now. The environment wasn’t big enough for him to grow. For him to be all he can be. It’s amazing how many people stay in the same town they grew up in, I am one of those people too. Same friends, same hang outs, same jobs they’ve always had. That’s a flatline right there and we all know a flatline means death.

    No wonder some people don’t like life, if you’re flatlining what are you waiting for? Old age.Life isn’t set, it’s what you make it, if you follow the routine of others then that is death because you know how it goes. That’s a death of just waiting for your body to catch up.

    So the choice is really live the life of others and die now, just marking time until your time is up or take the risk, and it isn’t a risk if you look at the alternative, and live the life you want. Only you can make that decision.

    Another very interesting episode Dre. Always gets me thinking and is always appreciated.

    • Great points Colin. Life is definitely what you make of it.

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