#279: Youth Is NOT An Excuse [WOYG Podcast]

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When I was 15, other kids my age would talk shit to the older men around us, on and off the court.

“When I’m 30, I won’t be living with my parents!”

“When I get to your age, I’ll be waaaay better than you are at basketball right now! Shit, I’m only 15 now!!”


I’ve seen and heard from many of those same peers over the years. Most of their prophecies never came true.


Back then, I would always wonder why kids my age would use their youth as a crutch (an excuse to waste time or just be dumb) or some guarantee of future success (you’re older than me; I’ll far surpass what you’ve done when I get to that age).

I never thought like that. If I was going to compare myself to the older guys, it was so I could be better than them right then, not later on. And if I wasn’t better right then, I kept my mouth shut.


Nowadays many young people throw around the same excuses kids – including me – used when I was growing up. So today I’ll obliterate some of those excuses with the talking-to I wish someone had given me at 15.

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  1. That’s what’s good about your podcast Dre, you show people how they can get the money to invest in themselves, how to develop the mindset for success, how to sell yourself, how to get known. Take these points, internalise them, listen to the podcast, listen to episodes that resonate with you and apply, this is key, APPLY what you learn.

    If you’re here you’re already ahead of most people. Then take what you learn to the next level. No excuses if you’re here.

    If you’re in school use the library, they might even be able to get the books you want. Use it to find what you’re good at, try everything, take part in everything. Make friends with everyone, learn from everyone. Develop yourself so when you leave school you’re already great at what you want to do.

    If you’re not in school and working, use where you work to find where you’re talents/interests can be best used.. Learn about all the departments, what they do, how they do it, who does what. Make friends with everyone. Learn about your customers, what they want, what problems they face. Learn about related fields in your industry. Everyone needs distribution. Learn sales and marketing. Look for potential problems your company may face in the future, have solutions of how they can overcome or jump over the problems.

    If you’re in the wrong job or company develop skills, while working there, that can transfer to another job.

    Unemployed right now, create a job, research companies, learn about different careers you’d be interested in doing. Watch youtube videos of people doing that job/career. Study sales and marketing. Write to the companies you’re interested in, write about how you can solve some problem they face and what you can do for them.

    You can always do something no matter what age, what circumstances.

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