#280: Lames Get Lucky – Real Ones Do It Again [WOYG Podcast]

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When I started playing pro ball Overseas, I saw many players who weren’t pro-caliber but had playing contracts nonetheless. Almost all of these players couldn’t sustain careers – they played that one year and never again. Knowing I was better than these bums, it became important to me to have an actual career, with multiple contracts and teams and countries. That would separate me from the lames who got lucky.


I heard Philly rapper Beanie Sigel say this in an interview and it’s something I’ve always believed. Beanie worded it perfectly though, and sparked the idea for today’s show.


We’ve all heard the term “one hit wonder,” often used in music for the artist who cannot make a second hit song. But there are one hit wonders in everything. It’s the person who reaches success once but is unable to repeat it.

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  1. This is interesting, especially the part about how hard it is to stay driven when you already have it all. If I had a hundred million would I continue, it’s easy to say yes of course but I’m not sure I would. I’m not sure I would continue if all of a sudden I was surrounded by comfort and had it all.

    With that, how long would I have it all, if I all of a sudden just stopped doing what got me there? Would I lose it all? as I’m not doing the work to maintain it Grant Cardone always talks about this, how to keep yourself going, you keep yourself broke so you have to keep going. That’s from a money stand point but can be applied to everything else.

    I remember reading an interview with Steven Spielberg from early in his career, he said that the trick to keep going is start developing your next project while you’re finishing up your last one, get something else going while the momentum is still there. He was also referring to getting the next movie funded.

    I’m a lame if I don’t do it, if I don’t get that success and if my career ends before I’m ready. Once I’ve done the things I set out to do, then I can end it my way and go forward, if something else ends it, well I’ll find a way back.

    • Motivation is always sought after, very true. Especially once success has been attained.

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