3 Reasons Why I Averaged Two Points Per Game As A Senior In High School

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You can get a more in-depth rundown of my one year of varsity ball here. This post addresses the challenges I faced in getting playing time, what I did with the little time I got, and how you can take action to avoid these issues.

  • Even before the games began on our schedule, there was a clear pecking order within the team based on who had been on the team already. Being a senior that had only just made it that year, my spot was low and I stayed in my place when there was clearly playing time there for the taking.
    FIX: People take you for the way you project yourself. If you make yourself small, you’re small to the people around you. First impressions are hard to break — you get placed in a certain space and you’re stuck there.
  • There is no substitute for big-game/ hostile environment experience. I had none.
    FIX: Play in games — pickup ball at other parks/gyms, rec leagues etc. every player is comfortable on their home court (your school, your local park/gym, amongst your friends, people you play with regularly). Play some road games.
  • I played not to mess up, and made no use I the skills that could separate me from other players.
    FIX: Confidence is everything. In the long run, there are very few things I regret — on or off the court — that I did. Almost every regret is something I didn’t do. If you take a risk and mess up, at least you did it. If you do nothing and succeed at doing nothing, that empty feeling eats at you forever. Like Nike says: Just Do It.


  1. Good post. I am a Junior in highschool (NY) and i found a love for basketball recently. I’ve been doing basketball related things daily about 2-3 weeks now getting better everyday.Ironically, around a week ago my dean and this other guy offered me to join the school team, so i told them yes. Im 6’0″ i can dunk and shoot but i have to work on my off hand dribbling/drive (im a righty). I explained to them that i have to work on that and they said i might be a bigman but i prefer to be a ball handler. Since I only have 1 year to shine what do you think I should do to get exposure to colleges? Im already dedicating my time right now throughout summer to ballout in preparation for the season come November. I have an 80 average in school btw.

  2. Thanks for sharing this post. These lessons learned are a a mature and honest reflection on a frustrating/difficult time. More importantly, it provides guidance that applies to many aspects of life and work that are better learned sooner than later. If I may paraphrase -- 1. Do not underestimate perception/Demonstrate your value 2. Get out of your comfort zone 3. Execute and allow for failure so that you can eventually succeed. I’m reading this again before my next job interview. THanks for the inspiration.

  3. Hey Dre wow it shouldn’t have happened this way but you have re-inspired me to want to play in the NBA. I thought it was too late. I’m 24 now. As I mentioned on your youtube, I didn’t even make the high school team because I furst touched a basketball when I was 14(literally I just came from Nigeria where I only played soccer) but by the time I was a senior I was a lot better but I knew how the team was run so I knew I wouldn’t make the team so I didn’t try out. As you know some high schools say they have tryouts but really it isn’t. The coach already knows who’s on the team before smh. Anyways fast forward to my freshman year. I looked up “ball handling drills” on youtube and I started to do them everyday! I improved so much that I was dominating guys that played over me in high school! One game I even dunked on this guy! Right now I have an injured ankle but once I get surgery I will get back to my dream. Maybe we’ll play someday in the NBA?
    Thanks and keep this up, it’s truly amazing and inspirational man

    • Glad to see your fire is re-ignited! I have lots of videos and programs so use what works for you to get where you wanna go. You’re welcome and Good luck

  4. that third one is what i’m going through, coach is on my ass I can’t even get into the flow of the game, one bad pass he benches me.

  5. I think nxt people just wanna be Successful, but they don’t want it badly, they just kinda want it, when You want to be Successful as bad as you wanna breath, then you will be Successful, BALLISLIFE!!

  6. I feel you, I also played one year only and it was my first time playing organized basketball. I scored 4 points the entire season smh. I just did everything to not mess up. I shyed away from the ball when I should have summoned my allen iverson skillset. Fun read.

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