#22: 3 People You Should Be Watching [WOYG Podcast]

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When you’re angling to reach your goals, you need to be focused on what YOU need to do, not anyone else. “Put the blinders on and get to work!” as they say. There are 3 people, however, who you should pay attention to and learn from in every area of your life for as long as you want to be good at it. 1) A Person who is doing astronomically better than you – this person is doing better because of a fundamental difference in what she is doing, thinking and being. Not a simple tactic like waking up earlier or sending more emails. Analyzing this person’s way of thinking would help you. 2) A person on your achievement level who is getting marginally better results than you right now – this is where a change in surgery and tactic could help you if you pay attention. The great thing about watching this person: you can adopt there tactics and get results NOW. 3) A person who is now where you used to be. You already know their path and what they will go through. You know the pitfalls and best (and worst) practices. These people will be your mentees, coaching clients, fans, and customers.


  1. People who can help you and people you can help. Form potential alliances with, people you can learn from. About being aware of who else is out there.

    If we’ve made it to a certain point then we have something we can give back, we have something of value, a piece of information for those who are on the same road.

    It’s always good to be thinking about all the things you know, can do, want to do, who you are. Glad your podcast is here Dre. Opens up new avenues. Gets the mind working.

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