4 Reasons To Share Your Voice Now [Even If You’re Not Good Yet]

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[Question:] Should I share my voice online or practice till it’s perfect because I think I still have work to do?

[My Answer:] 

Share it NOW!!

Reasons —

  1. It lets others follow your process of improving. Guaranteed there are others who are thinking the same question you’re asking here — you can be the leader who goes first.
  2. It commits you to actually doing the thing and getting better once you’ve published yourself. Now you have a public (even if only a few people) who want to see how you do.
  3. Waiting to be perfect is a “perfect” setup to never begin! You will NEVER be perfect, so this question is actually an oxymoron. There are millions of people waiting to be perfect before they start something — they aren’t your competition, because we will never hear from those people. Do not become one of them.
  4. You will ALWAYS have work to do as well! Once you become really good, do you think it just starts that way by itself? No! You’ll have to KEEP working to STAY good. As long as you have a voice and are sharing it, you will always have work to do on/with it. This is a never-ending job (in a good way).

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