4 Ways You Would Work Today, IF Your Goals Were Already Reached

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4 Ways You Would Work Today, IF Your Goals Were Already Reached Dre baldwin DreAllDay.comPeoole of sound mind and body usually don’t do things for no reason. We have motives. If you’re at work or school or the gym right now, or headed there later/tomorrow, there’s something moving you to do that. Some ideal you think you can eventually get to through this activity. So my question is …

How would you do that activity if that ideal was already achieved? Yes – we’re assuming that you would still do it, maybe with some new goals now.

Some of my guesses follow. Feel free to start using them… Now:

  1. You’d be more excited about being there. I don’t mean jump-up-and-down excited; just more pep in your step. An energy that other people could feel.
  2. You would do better work, knowing that this very work helped you reach your goal.
  3. You would be more pleasant to be around, since successful people like you are just more positive in general. They know the feeling of accomplishing great things.
  4. You would not be thrown off-balance by b***s***. Because you have reached an important life goal, small stuff can’t buyer you in the slightest. Brush it off your shoulders.