#401: How To Disturb The Status Quo and Get Your Way [WOYG Podcast]

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The sign stated that the Jacuzzi opened at 6 AM.

And I lived very close to the pool.

Anytime Security came to unlock the gates at, say 6:05, or 6:13, they knew where they would find me: already in the Jacuzzi, waving good morning to them. I would just hop the fence.


I don’t follow politics too closely, but I heard that many news outlets tried to make fun of Donald Trump.

They would put campaign stories about him in the entertainment section of their website or newspaper. People didn’t take his candidacy seriously. People said he would lose the election in a landslide.

Why did they think this?

Many just personally did not like the guy. Maybe they still don’t. They probably still don’t.

Many felt since he was not a normal “politician,” there was no way the logical, rational American populace would elect such a person.

They were wrong.

Trump disturb the status quo. He took the fact that he was not a politician, that he did not have much experience, that he was a reality TV show star, and use all of the “negatives” to his advantage.

And it worked.

This episode is not about how to become president, or a defense, nor an attack on any politician. It is about YOU, and how you can learn from people who have disturbed the status quo to get what they wanted in life.

Would that be appealing to you?

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