#403: New Life “Hack:” Honesty [WOYG Podcast]

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I’m not going to your parents’ house for another weekend, ever again.


She was kind of upset, Semi-defiant, but really more sad than anything. How could you be dating me and not want to come to my parents’ house?


I don’t like going there. I don’t get to follow my normal schedule. It is getting in the way of my business. And it’s not even fun for me. If you like going there, then YOU go spend the weekend in Jacksonville. I will not be visiting there again, and that’s all there is to it.


The relationship ended shortly thereafter.


We spend too much of our very short lives doing things, saying things, and pretending to be things that is not the true “us” because we are afraid of sharing the truth with people.


We are afraid of offending someone.


We are afraid of someone being upset with us.


We are afraid of any type of reaction other than someone’s agreement, approval, or acceptance. I realized that I needed to get rid of that fear if I was going to maximize my potential.


Since then I have never been one to mince words with people. And I Live how I want to live. And whoever doesn’t like it? Dammit, fuck them.


Today’s episode is about letting people know what’s on your mind. It’s about saying what you feel, and not what you think people want to hear. It’s about being who you are and how you are when you want to be, instead of what you think other people will accept.


Being accepted is not an accomplishment. It just means you’re a good follower.

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