#415: TEDx Talks: How To Get Chosen To Give Yours [WOYG Podcast]

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She said she was very interested in speaking with me. I wasn’t sure why, since she already knew me.

Once we saw each other, it became clear very quickly.

She has applied to speak at a local TED event but had not been chosen. She went on to explain to me why she should have been  chosen: how great her story was, her come back from a disease, all the things she had overcome, blah blah blah…

I interrupted her. I had to, or else she would never have stopped talking. I explained to her how being chosen was not about how great her story, but about how big the idea and why it was useful to spread. Everyone has been through something, I explained, so your perseverance, Great as it may be, is not a big idea. You can tell your story at church on Sunday’s. What is your big idea, and why is it worth spreading?

TED Talks. Everyone wants to do one. It is a credibility piece, so it makes sense to want to. What many are missing however, is what it takes to be chosen as one of the lucky 10 or so, when there are 150+ applicants. Having been through things is not unique. Everyone has.how can your experience translate into something useful for others?

Today’s show covers her own you can have the package of what is being sought — before you apply.

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