#46: How To STOP Worrying What Others Think Of You [WOYG Podcast]

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Opinions are like __________: everybody’s got one. Maybe more than one. You have them too. And when it comes to you and the things you’re doing, this are the only opinions that should count. However, many of us sometimes get caught in the self-consciousness trap: What do they think of me, what will people say, are they laughing at me? This self-absorbed thinking process slows us down and renders our actions less effective.
Is there anything that can be done about it? Of course, as long as Dre Baldwin is on the job. 1. Boldness and confidence are outer-directed, while self-consciousness is inner-directed. Send energy out, you get energy back. Horrid it for yourself, you get nothing. 2. People are watching you, walking about you? Good. They should be! Act like it. 3) You’re not here to be approved of by others. So stop thinking about if you have their approval in the first place.

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