#471: Your ONLY Job In Life: Solve Problems (And Charge For It) [WOYG Podcast]

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I posted so many basketball videos online, players were coming to me to make programs for them every day. There were way too many of them for me to accommodate, so I always declined.

Until one day a commentator suggested that I create programs that anyone could use that were based on my own individual training.

Great idea, I thought. That way I could save myself a lot of time, and more importantly, solve the problem so many players had of wanting to train like me but not being able to.

That solved problem has lead to the closing of over 12,000 orders over 8 years.

Today we talk about solving problems, which is the only way any of us can provide value, make a name for ourselves or earn money.

Oh, you don’t know how to do so? Listen in today, and BOOM! Problem solved.

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