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One day in practice, my coach called me over to him during a scrimmage. Quietly, so only I could hear him, he said he noticed — and was sure I did also — that I was getting knocked down a lot in practice. How about, then, you start knocking some people down instead?

I got the message.

My favorite rapper 50 Cent gets credit with the idea for the title. He said it on one of my favorite songs of all time.


[Transcript] #484 Step One When You’re Knocked Down- Get The F*** UP!!

You know sometimes in life you just gotta listen to the best podcasts in the world right now is one of those times. This is a show that teaches you to discipline shown up day after day to do the work.

The confidence to put yourself out there boldly and authentically in the mental toughness of continuing to show up doing the work even when the success you planned or even when is success that you set a meeting point with has yet to show up at the scheduled time.

On top of all that we throw a huge dose of personal initiative on top of all this because if you just had it and did nothing it would mean anything personal and this is it means you’re going to go make it happen instead of waiting for it to happen. This is called for those you don’t know the work on your game podcast I’m your host My name is Dre Baldwin. Many people may know me as Dre All Day. Now it is one word not three words for those who didn’t know today’s topic is step one to getting knocked down see a lot of people especially athletes come to me and say Dre I love the episodes of your podcast where you talk about how to how to move yourself to action even when you don’t feel like it how to believe in yourself when nobody else is believing in you how did 25 extra confidence right now how to build your discipline those things that those mindsets about when things aren’t going well but you kind of you get your mind and set a right frame where you will take the action anyway you’ll come back even twice as strong that’s gone today is going to be another one of those episodes step once you getting knocked down is to get up Step one getting knocked down is to get up and I’m going to quote a lyric from one of my virtual mentors My name is Man goes by the name of Curtis Jackson.

If you didn’t know about my virtual mentors episode episode number three was Curtis 50 Cent Jackson that was virtual mentors number three episode number three hundred and sixteen I have a couple other virtual mentors episodes episode Number 281 was part two Shawn Jay Z Carter and part one was Sean Puff Daddy Combs. This photo shows definitely in case you needed to know that is episode number one ninety five. So we got episode number one ninety five was number one episode number two eighty one was number two episode number 316 is number three and oh yeah number four is coming soon I’m going to record that very soon I already know who it is ah I know what I’m going to talk about. It’ll be interesting now anyway. 50 CENT I’m a lyric from him and a song. And if you didn’t hear my episode talking about it this is one of my favorite episodes because he’s my favorite entertainer. He’s my favorite rapper.

I don’t think he’s the best rapper but he’s my favorite rapper and 50 after his comeback from getting shot at the city had gotten shot.

He came out with a song called Fuck You song’s called fuck you it was on a deejay crew mix tape and the end of the first verse of the song and the sound that the volume night. The final mix of the song was not very high quality sound he recorded in some guy’s basement or something like that which he probably did because if you refit the story he was kind of in hiding for a little while because he wasn’t sure guys weren’t gonna come back around and try to finish the job when he found out he and died from those nine bullet wounds. But at the end of this first verse 50 Cent says there’s no quote 50 and if you listen to his podcast you want to stand in some profanity on his show and if I’m quoting a lyric I’ma say it exactly as it was said so cover your ears if you need to he said a few words for any nigga they get hit the fuck up.

My advice if you get shot down is get the fuck up and that is actually what inspired Today’s episode is that my the step one getting knocked down because everybody who’s listening to it is if you’re ambitious and you have goals and you’re going after things that most people don’t go after you’re gonna get knocked down Now you’re going to try something that does not work you’re gonna try out for a team and not make it you’re going to shoot a basketball and a ball is not going to go in the basket maybe a shot gets blocked before you even get to shoot it maybe they steal it before you even get to try to shoot you’re gonna try things that don’t work you gonna make a phone call some eyes going gonna cut you out and hang up on you you’re gonna present yourself as a possible solution to somebody’s problem and they’re going to laugh at you and say there’s no way you can solve my problem you are going to try to break your way into a profession or into a company or into some type of industry and everybody’s going to do everything in their power at least in your eyes to keep you from getting in and keep you from being successful you’re going to deal with all kinds of hate negative energy people trying to slow you down people trying to get in your way people trying to completely destroy you people trying to run you out of the the whole situation that you’re going to try to get into you’re going to get knocked down and they’re going to they’re not only going to try they’re going to succeed OK you’re going to deal with people who are who succeed in slowing you down getting in your way hating on you stopping you messing you up whatever it is you want to call it whatever phrase you want to use you are going to get knocked down in this life that more often you are moving around in front of people in standing up and trying things that most people don’t do you’re gonna get knocked down you may even knock yourself down a few times there’s nothing wrong with that I mean it is something wrong with it but it’s nothing wrong with it happening because it happens of people and if you haven’t listened to this podcast every single episode since it started listen I would assume is going to happen to you but if you keep listening from now on it’s not gonna happen to you anymore.

Step one in getting knocked down is getting up. Point number one today’s episode.

When you get knocked down racism and when you try something and it just doesn’t work. When you tried out for the team and you didn’t make it you went up to bat and you struck out you were pitching and you served up a couple home runs to the batters they came up. Whatever is going on you figured you had everything in place you had done all the right things you did all the work to make sure this project went perfect and the project went terrible and you got completely blamed for it. You had to face you had to face all the fire for this situation even though it wasn’t all your fault. This is the first thing you must do when when that knock down happens first thing you gotta do is do not whine like a bitch.

Do not whine like a little bitch. I told you this story. Maybe this had to be about maybe even close to a year ago maybe six months ago I was sitting outside on Brickell Avenue in Miami.

For those you familiar with Miami you know Brickell Avenue if you’re not familiar with Miami it doesn’t matter. I was sitting outside right in their cars going down the street. So all of you live somewhere where it is streets and cars. And there was this woman and her young son were bike riding and I mean really young this kid. He was maybe 3 years old. He was riding a bike too we’ll bite. It was a two wheels. My dad had training wheels on. I’m not sure. Besides the point the mom is riding her bike and the kid is riding his bike. And at one point they get up to an intersection they get up to a corner where they had to cross the street and for whatever reason a queue loses balance of his bicycle and he falls the bike falls over to the side. The kid falls on the ground and the mom who is riding next to her son on a streetcar. She stops obviously because their son just fell off his bike. Now I remember watching this. I was on the phone while this was happening but I’m watching this whole thing.

The little boy falls and he’s on the ground. He has a helmet on and he looks at his hands because he sees that he kind of skinned his hand a little bit because he fell on the ground off of his bike and he has this look of horror on his face is kind of like of involuntary reaction yes his look of horror on his face. He looks like he’s about a split second away from crying but before he cries he instinctively looks towards his mother who’s right there because maybe he’s figuring hey if I cried my mom’s going to come baby me or come help me. Who knows what he’s been conditioned to believe at this point. I don’t know I’m not there and home. Don’t know who these people are but the mom she’s still on her bike. She has stopped her bike she has her feet on the ground and she had reached down not to pick up her son she reached now for a bike that he fell off of and she stood the bike back up on his wheels.

I believe it had training wheels he stole the bike up and she’s holding the handlebar of the bike with it with one hand and she’s looking at her son and he turns and looks at her. After he got this look of horror because he saw it he fell off his bike and he skinned his hand got his hand a little bit dirty looks like he’s about to cry.

He looks at his mom and his mom wasn’t in. His mom was not in shock. She was not crying.

She wasn’t hysterical she wasn’t saying oh my god son you fellas you weren’t doing any of that. She was looking at him as if she was looking to him the same way she would’ve looked at me if I were to walk by. She would have looked and not had any expression because he didn’t know me and I wasn’t doing anything to get her attention. She was looking at him and I didn’t hear what she said. She said something and after she said it and she looked at him and I could tell it the son could understand okay. Mom’s not getting hysterical about it mom is not overreacting mom is not getting emotional about the fact that I feel I guess I don’t need to get emotional. Son’s gotta got back on his bike and he actually led the way across the street and kept riding. They rode right past me right in front of me and the son was in league. Mom was following him and I’m telling you that to tell you when you get knocked down you have a choice. You have a choice as to how you are going to respond. You may not think you have a choice because you have so conditioned yourself so programmed your mind not cover all this in the mental workbook you have so programmed your mind to believe as soon as something bad happens that you need to either a bitch about it be complain about it see. Blame somebody else other than you d give yourself the doom and gloom story of how terrible life is and nothing is ever going to work out.

And then you go find somebody to go go find some to dump all this on too. How do I know all these things. I get a lot of e-mail and get a lot of direct messages. I get a lot of snaps. I’ve seen this over and over and over and over again. I told you that story about the little kid on a bike because again this is not new. There’s not a teenager is it. This kid was about 3 years old he probably couldn’t put together complete sentences yet he could talk. He can understand words but he wasn’t he probably wasn’t that great of a talker. Really. Little boy. But the moms didn’t overreact. She just looked at. She had the bike and she kind of gestured with the bike a little bit that I. Okay. Get the hell up off the ground and just keep riding you fail. So what he got right back on the bike and he just kept riding the first step to getting knocked down racism is Don’t. Don’t whine like a little bitch and you’ll get over things quickly. If you just conditioned yourself to not whine not complain not blame not call on your subconscious mind it tell you all the other times. Things didn’t work out which is just going to create a pity party. You know the pity party use you heard that phrase pity party.

This how pity parties happen something negative happens or something unpleasant something you don’t want takes place and what you do you take that one thing that didn’t happen and you say to your subconscious mind man something didn’t work out. Give me a whole bunch of other reasons or a whole bunch of other examples from my life when things didn’t work out just like this one didn’t work out. Your subconscious mind was the best assistant you could ever have on the job there’s no human you can hired is better in your subconscious your subconscious will come up with a whole bunch of other examples from your life that you may have never even thought about four years of when things didn’t. Workout and then all of a sudden all you’re thinking about all these negative outcomes all the time didn’t work out for you. All the reasons why you can’t be successful and before you know it you’re depressed.

This is how it works.

So we’ll see when something doesn’t go your way. If you’re first if you’re instant you’re involuntary reaction is to whine like a bitch. All you are doing is conditioning yourself to keep doing it and then it becomes as part of your life. You know you know some whiny bitchy people who Dre everything. Anything that happens they find a reason to whine bitch moan complain gripe and have pity parties and you know anybody like that. Though you do huh. Oh you are an unnatural name. But yeah. OK. You know a few people who fit that description do you not. This is how it happens.

This is how it happens soon as something bad happens they start. They just go so deep into how terrible it is all their mind can do is exactly what they ask it which is give me more reasons to confirm the feeling that I’m feeling right now.

That’s it. Their minds.

Ok sir. OK sir. OK ma’am I may give you more reasons. Let me tell you about the time in elementary school and all the kids were laughing at you all the time when your mom tells you I don’t believe in you at a time when your boyfriend broke up with you all the time that your girlfriend was kissing another guy right in front of you and you’re going to come up with all these reasons why life is just terrible why this always happens to you why does this always happen to me why am I so unlucky Why do I feel like I can’t make it.

Why does nobody believe in me any of you ever heard or used these phrases. OK. So we’re going to get over that right here. Point number one is don’t whining like a bitch when you get knocked down. Just understand what happened OK. I got knocked down. I’m on the ground. What’s the first step of being on the ground ladies and gentlemen.

Get up. Point number two.

The quicker you can get back at your thing whatever happens to be like that little boy on a bicycle the quicker you can get back at it the less that the fact that you were even knocked down in the first place.

The less that it even matters. Think about it when a little boy fell on the ground he fell off his bike all the any of you who knows how to ride a bike you’ve fallen off a bike before. Right. Okay. So if you’ve fallen off a bike before and you’re sitting there laying on the ground maybe you skinned your knee maybe you’re bleeding maybe a hurt. Maybe you’re just emotionally hurt. I think people are much more like just like this little 3 year old kid. People are much more emotionally hurt when they get knocked down than they are actually physically hurt. The kid was emotionally hurt because it’s involuntary. I can see it on his face he was about to cry and so he looked at his mom. He saw his mom wasn’t wasn’t even reacting at all and he I guess he said OK nobody’s gonna nobody’s going to give me a pity party if I start crying so I might as well just get up and get back on the damn bike. That’s exactly what he did. And two seconds later it was as if it never even happened. So here’s the thing. This is point number two the quicker you can get back at your thing like this little 3 year old boy and I’m using the example as three year old boy 2 to kind of juxtapose between him and you.

OK. Most people who listen to his podcast you have at least two digits in your age right. Okay. Most of your 12 years all of your twelve years or you’re four times older than this little three year old boy so if he could get up after getting knocked down in two seconds and start writing like it never happened again Who are you to whine complain bitch and moan you’re twelve he’s three. Who are you. All right imagine you stand next to a 3 year old kid. He can get over it but you’re 12 you’re 24. You’re 19 you’re 37 bitching moaning and complaining just because you got knocked down. Imagine that. Just imagine looking at that little boy I wish I had I had this on films before I had my camera. I wish I would’ve had this on film so I could just put it out there and show it the people that look at him and then look at you. Really the quicker you can get back at your thing the less being knocked down even matters is.

Here’s another example let’s say you’re a salesperson and you have one sales appointment scheduled today. You have one presentation where you’re going to present your product or service. You’re going to ask somebody to buy it. Let’s say you have one today and that person didn’t buy it. They didn’t buy your product or your service and you’ll have any other appointment goes off for the day.

That’s going to be a bad day for you probably you are probably chalk that up as OK is the day where nothing happened. Even if it’s not a negative day it’s not a positive day. You didn’t do it you didn’t achieve anything you didn’t sell anything you didn’t make yourself any more money today because you had one appointment. It includes. Well let’s say you had 20 sales appointments you had 20 people scheduled to come in and be at your product or service who you could try to sell. And one of them doesn’t close.

Is it that bad of a day. Well we don’t know yet is inconclusive. We don’t have all the information. Why. Because we all know what happened. Of the 19 appointments. And guess what. Because you had 90 more appointments after you missed that first one. Let’s say that was the first one. You don’t even have time to marinate on the fact that you didn’t close them and you only had time to think about it and say Damn I didn’t close that Damn why didn’t I say this Damn why did I say it that way. Then what does it really mean and this person does this now. Is there value in evaluating what happened when something doesn’t go right. Of course there is. But I understand what I’m saying right. Well you have another thing going. As soon as you get knocked now you immediately go to the next thing without dwelling on marinating on the fact that things didn’t work out in that previous name. You won’t even have time to start the pity part. You only have time to to hand out the hand out the cups the red cups or send out invitations to the pity party because you got to go on to the next thing on to the next one.

In college I remember there were days Robbie Abbey Texan around China to China to see nice. I’m not gonna get into that but let’s go.

Point number two is again the quicker you get back at it the less being knocked down matters. If you have one appointment today and it didn’t close and you had no others that’s pretty much not going to be too good of a day. But if you had 20 appointments and one arm doesn’t close that’s OK. You got 19 others to deal with. I think if you have any skills and sales and you were able to set 20 appointments I’m sure you can sell somebody whatever it is that you’re offering. Everybody understands what I’m saying.

Ok. Point number three. Now I must say you did get knocked down because today’s topic is step one to getting knocked down which is up. If you did get knocked down now that you’ve been on the ground now that you’ve tasted the dirt you tasted your own blood.

You know what it feels like to get knocked now you know what it feels like to be laughed at. You know to feel like getting nor you know what it feels like to get. You know what it feels like to offer your product and somebody says no you know what it feels like to make a phone call and somebody picks up and crosses you out and hangs up on you and says Never call here again. Now that you know what it feels like to taste your own burger you know what it feels like to have your face in a dirt.

It was so bad. Was he you know scared of it anymore. Are you.

You’re not scared of anymore because you’ve been through and now. The thing that we’re afraid of the most are the things usually we need to go through the most so we can realize not because just to go through witness is not like Fear Factor remember a show on NBC or whatever show whatever network Fear Factor or whatever just how people do things they don’t like doing this they get over it. Maybe win some money and you’re not doing it just for the sport of it. Just to say that you did it you did it. You went through it so you can understand is not even as bad as you thought it was you were afraid of it because you thought it was going to be all of this like a level 50 but it was actually only a global far. Now that you got over it what do you have to lose.

Going back to 50 Cent the guy whose lyric inspired this very episode when. He says in his book he says Listen FDR got shot. He said he didn’t say this anymore but he says in his interviews I’ve heard him say it multiple times interviews. He says listen if someone gets shot nine times like I got shot nine times they had two choices from that point in life.

If they get shot nine times to survive you basically have two choices. Choice number one is that you go through all of your life afraid now because you just experienced maybe the most fearful the most fearsome thing anybody could ever experience which is having their life taken away from them by another person. I mean is nothing worse than losing your life. I mean anything else can happen at least you survived it but losing your life he says you can either go through the rest of your life in abject fear of everything because the fear of that moment just consumes you it bakes into your subconscious the fear that you almost die now you’re going to live your whole life looking at everything through the prism of fear that’s Option A.

And then he said then is option B and it’s the option that I took in this 50 since all this is the option and I took is that now that I know the worst possible thing that could happen to me which is me losing my life now that I know I survived an attempt of someone to kill me. I’m not afraid of anything now.

I have absolutely no fear whatsoever. I’m not worried about tense negotiations over a record contract. I’m not worried about some rapper dissing me in a song. I’m not worried about somebody’s trash talking me on social media. I’m not. There’s nothing that can make me afraid now because I’ve been through the worst possible thing you could go through.

What’s to have nobody having your back. Nobody believing in you and you almost lost your life. There’s nothing. There is no lower low than that. And again this is 50 Cent talking. I’m not afraid of anything now. I’ve tasted my book I’ve tasted it there. I’ve seen death.

And I think someone who’s had a gun pointed at them and firing has can can say that they have seen death.

He said I’ve seen death. There’s nothing that I could be afraid of then. What am I saying to you. You’ve got to have somebody shoot you non towns for you to not be afraid. Know what I’m saying is when you’ve been knocked down now you know what it feels like to get knocked down. Me is not so terrible your life didn’t end. You didn’t.

It’s not like you were paralyzed and you couldn’t take any more action now. All you got to do is get up and do something else.

Let’s recap today’s topic which is step one to getting knocked down get up.

Number one don’t whine like a little bitch three year old kid didn’t cry. How are you going to cry you 22. You’re 37. You 53 you’re 19 you crying 3 year old kid follows by he didn’t cry. You cry.

Point number two. Quicker you get back at it the less being not down either matters the quicker you get up get back on the bike. See if you fall off you’ll say you’re riding on your bike by yourself and you rob a crowd of people and you fall off your bike. Maybe they start laughing now you just later on the ground and start crying they probably on a laugh even more and pull out their phones and start Instagram and you why because you’re when and making a show of it. But if you fall off and you get right back up and start running again right away half the people who were staying there didn’t even see you fall because by the time somebody says you know that person fell off their bike you already got back on by and rode off they didn’t even get a taste. Instagram it because I got to put our phones our open Instagram wait for the stories they did open up by the time they press the button you already live. See if the quicker that you get over it and keep moving it doesn’t become a story. It doesn’t become news. It doesn’t become anything because it happened and you made it. Oh was that Steph Curry commercial for Under Armour What was it called Make that all right make that oh the fact that I lost in the finals last year and people were saying I got outplayed and people say maybe I’m overpaid people say maybe I’m overrated he made it Oh why because he got right back at it I mean he had to wait a whole year but the point you understand what I’m saying is the point of to commercial was make the thing all those failures that people were pointing out make that oh by doing something else as quickly as possible.

That’s point number two point number three. Now that you tasted the dirt you tasted your own blood. You’re not scared anymore wasn’t as bad as you thought it was you were afraid of it because I don’t know why you were afraid of it but now that you went through it you can’t be afraid of it anymore. Or are you are you just gonna be afraid f for the rest of your life or are you going to say you know what I’ve been through this and I survived it OK to say nothing I could do this this is nothing I’m not afraid of that happening therefore you won’t draw it to you so you know you know the thing that you folks know fear does it magnifies objects people the more you are afraid of things the more you focus on it when you’re afraid of something you are focused on it you can’t be afraid of something not be focused on what you’re fearful really fearful something you’re thinking about it a lot and when you think about something what happens to it you attract it right to you so when you go through something a setback you get knocked down if you’re free to get knocked down again you know what’s going to happen you’re going get knocked down again but if you say oh I’ve been knocked down I know what it feels like it ain’t even that bad.

You know what’s going to happen now you are willing to do the things that you are afraid to do before because you are afraid to get knocked down and now you start getting more team simply because you did remind that if you didn’t catch it work on your game.


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