5 Things That Successful People NEVER Waste Time On…

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Here are just a few things successful people don’t waste time on (I may share more later): 

1) The affairs of others. 

We all have to prioritize ourselves before we can even think of helping others, and we should never waste our time or energy or other people’s problems. 

As the saying goes, “mind your business” — you are all your own individual business. If you’re not minding it, neither is anyone else. 

2) Things which they cannot control. 

There is no use focusing resources, like time and attention, on things that cannot and will not be changed. Successful people instead let those things be, and focus on what they *can* control. 

Google the “serenity prayer” for short and memorable way to burn this concept into your brain. 

3) Dwelling on past outcomes. 

What has happened has happened — and there is nothing we can do today to change those outcomes whether they were favorable or not. 

Successful people focus mostly on the present moment and what they can do NOW, and the rest of their focus is on preparing for the future. 

Even if your past is highly decorated and spectacular, you can’t keep reliving that months and years later — eventually we all have to move on. 

Only losers focus on the unchangeable past. 

4) Things that do not serve their main purpose. 

Every successful person has a chief aim in life — a unifying purpose that drives all of their actions. Every task if a successful person is held up against this chief aim, and anything that does not fit toward achievement of the main goal is discarded. 

Unsuccessful people often have no main focus. So while they could be highly active and always busy, with no chief aim, there is no destination at which to arrive. 

You can’t score without a goal. 

5) Tasks for which they are not suited. 

Successful people are not necessarily more talented or skilled than others — successful people simply focus their energies at their strongest points and KEEP it there. 

Steve Jobs did not build iPhones. 

Elon Musk does not install engines in the Tesla. 

Drake doesn’t make beats or mix records. 

With other tasks, the successful person either finds others who can do it, or they completely discard that activity from their list of priorities. 

Unsuccessful people, by contrast, foolishly try to do everything on their own, even when tasks fall outside of their zone of skill — or they jump to try doing everything that they see others doing — and inevitably fail.

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