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In the mid to late 90s, I used to spend every summer afternoon at Finley playground, practicing a not-yet-existent game for a very unlikely hoops future.

People I knew from the evening pickup games would walk by in those afternoons, when it was way too hot to be on the asphalt, and wonder what the hell I was out there doing. I was far from being one of the better players in the area, and it didn’t look like I was about to become one, either. A smart person would have concluded that I was wasting my time.

It wasn’t until 10+ years later that all the time and work started paying me back in real dollars.

Today’s show is about the Work you’re doing now that’s not paying off — and how you won’t have any signs that it will until it actually does.

Are you mentally tough enough?



[Transcript] #529 Keep Working- It Won’t Be Obvious Until It’s Obvious

Robin said the best thing that ever happened to your ears this is the show that teaches you to this point of showing up. Day after day to do the work. The confidence of putting yourself out there boldly and authentically in the mental toughness of continuing to show up. Putting yourself out there even when the success is yet to arrive. On top of this you need some initiative personal and as to go make things happen and get them started. Instead of waiting for them to happen for you. This is the Work On Your Game Podcast My name is Dre Baldwin also known as Dre All Day And today’s topic. We’re talking perseverance today we’re talking persistence we’re talking discipline we are talking it won’t be obvious until is obvious.

You got to continue put in work doing the thing that you’re doing wherever it is that you’re going if you think you’re not getting you’re not creating enough separation between you and the people who don’t seem to be doing the work that you’re doing to people who are not as dedicated as as you are dedicated the people who don’t have the skills that you have. The people who don’t seem to be taking it as seriously as you are but you feel like you and those people are still pretty close when it comes to attention when it comes to statistics when it comes to the type of rewards that each of you are receiving you feel like the amount of work that you’re putting in doesn’t quite show in the distance between their. Rewards and your rewards. What do you do in this situation.

I’m here to tell you that it won’t be obvious and so is obvious and you’ll understand.

By the time I get through the three points I’m on give you here today exactly what that means. I remember coming up playing basketball when I started playing at 14 0 instead of playing around not really getting picked up for the pickup games and if I did. Not doing anything in those games but I knew I was coming to the park every day and working. I knew I was coming at a party every day and working on my game I wasn’t sure that was going to get me to result. There was no one who had guaranteed it to me. I didn’t get it off youtube or somebodies email. All I knew is that if I just continue to show up and practice maybe maybe I didn’t know I thought maybe I would start to get some results. I started to get some results and even though I was coming to the park every day no one else was at the park.

There were players my age who never saw practice and who were still playing better than me who were still outperforming me still scoring or me still stopping me still making teams that I wasn’t making. I didn’t really understand how am I doing all his work. They’re not doing any work yet. They’re still getting more results than me and they will say the exact same thing. How are you doing. Oh it has worked. Dre you always at the playground practice and yet you still have no game. You still are not only your high school team you still didn’t make the team at the local recreation center. You still are not doing anything in the pickup games. I’m still better than you and I won’t even practice that much. How is that. And they would say and not in a way like they were trying to help me but in a way to try to mock me or to ridicule me. And it wasn’t until later.

It wasn’t until later when I got to around age 18 and actually when I started playing basketball in college and most of those players were left behind at that point. That’s when it became obvious. That’s when it became obvious why I was doing all that work. That’s when it became obvious how all the practicing and I was doing was going to pay off. But it wasn’t obvious and too it was obvious it wasn’t obvious what all that work was going to pay off for until it was obvious and that I was playing in college and none of those guys was even in college. That’s when it became obvious or even the guys who did continue to play and go to college they didn’t they didn’t finish the way that I finished. They didn’t become pros awaited I became a pro and as I got into being a pro five years after that and 2005 at the age of twenty three it was super super obvious and it was only obvious then what all the work was for us when I mean when it became obvious that I’m playing college and eventually playing pro. Now what I’m telling you here today when I’m gonna talk to you about here today is not about basketball it’s not about college or pros is about the work that you’re putting in right now.

Even though it may not seem to be paying off even though it may not seem the sea it may not seem that the seed is ever going to sprout because you’re doing all this stuff you’re cultivating. You’re putting all his work into it but you’re not getting the kind of results that are commiserate with the kind of work you’re doing you see other people getting results that are more than the work that they’re doing. You got to stick with it because it’s not going to be obvious. It was obvious now said that many times it’s getting to the point number one you’re working on your game now seemingly doing everything you should be doing your results are not aligned with your effort. Others who are doing that seems to be even with or even ahead of you. How is this already.

Explain that point number two. Notice everything in life when we’re talking results and we’re talking reward. We’re talking success when we’re talking the fruits of your labor. These things do not happen immediately. Most of the time if the fruits of your labor do not grow immediately if any of you have ever planted a plant planted a tree or watch somebody plant a plant or plant a tree you understand logically that a tree does not grow in one day. Right now understand it man now here in Miami. They bring trees when they build a new condominium they put the the floor it is going to have the swimming pool they actually import trees they bring treason and they use a crane to lift the trees up to the floor that the pool was on and then so one day there was no port no trees and the next day you have fully grown trees I don’t mean that way I mean the trees that grow out of the dirt they don’t just happen in one day. If you have a garden or a yard where you grow grass or flowers you noted that stuff doesn’t just come out like that right. You understand it right. It doesn’t happen immediately and it also does not happen when you want it to happen. That’s an important distinction. The fruits of your labor do not sprout or blossom or bloom or whatever you call it when a plant actually comes to fruition. That doesn’t happen when you want it to happen.

It happens when it’s supposed to happen. It happens when it’s ready to happen.

So when you say and this is a common message that I get from especially from athletes most of the time from athletes saying I’m doing all it is work being dedicated using your videos and listening to your podcast and reading your emails I got your books I’m doing all the stuff that you’re talking about but it doesn’t seem like I’m getting the kind of results that I want to get or this is what you’ve got to understand. If you’ve ever been that person. Things don’t happen when you want them to happen. Yet you’re not getting the results that you want to get. You’re not getting them now which is the time that you’re writing me. You don’t know what’s going to happen a week a month a year from now but you got to continue to put it to work because I guarantee you if you start put in work what’s going to happen a week a month a year from now a year from now Nothing nothing’s going to happen. You’re going to be in the same spot that you’re in right now. If you start putting in network things do not happen on your schedule all the time. People sometimes you can make things happen on your schedule but sometimes things don’t happen on your schedule. You must continue to put in work. You got to keep doing the thing that you said you were committed to the thing that you said you were dedicated to. You got to keep doing that thing and it will happen when is ready to happen. Only thing only commitment that you must make. And this goes into point number three your job is to not quit.

Your only job is to not quit when things aren’t going the way that they’re supposed to. Your job is and not quit when it seems everybody else is getting the result that you thought was gonna be for you. And they’re not even putting into work that you’re putting in. How the hell is that possible. Didn’t I put it in work. But they’re getting a result that I’m not even getting listen.

Your only job you can question if you want. You can talk about it you can whine bitch moaning complain about it if you want. As long as you don’t quit as long as you don’t quit. I don’t mind if you whine about it bitch moan email. Other people don’t email me about it over and over again but this is just no quit. See it through and continue to do what you’re supposed to do what you’re supposed to do is what you signed up for. So when I say supposed to do I don’t even like to use that phrase supposed to that often but the thing that you’re supposed to do is the thing that you committed to whatever that is. I don’t know what that is. You know what it is. Whatever you committed to. You keep doing it. See that thing through. Continue to do what you’re supposed to do. Do not succumb to your emotions about wanting it now or your emotions about comparing yourself to somebody else or you have no idea what’s going on with that person or what’s going to go on with that person. Your emotions of somebody says something to you your emotions of you seeing somebody on TV. I have 14 year old players coming to me saying Well Dre I eventually want to go to the NBA but I feel like when I shoot my jump shot it doesn’t look like a professional basketball player jump shot.

I said Of course it doesn’t you know professional basketball player you 14 years old make the high school team first make the freshman team and high school is your first before you start talking about looking like a pro.. You don’t look like a professional so you become one. I understand. Understand third point here. Your only job is to keep doing the work that you are supposed to be doing not what you saw on YouTube. Now what you saw on TV not when you heard some might say who never even did the thing that they’re talking about. Listen I did the thing that you talking about what you need to do is keep doing your job and your job is to not quit. Follow the disciplines that you committed to following. Do the work that you’re supposed to be doing. See it through. Continue doing it and don’t succumb to your emotions. Understand the emotions emotions will make you weak. Tim Grover said that in his book Relentless emotions will make you weak. Emotions. I won’t keep you in bed for an extra 10 minutes when you were supposed to get up 20 minutes ago.

Emotions will make you whine and complain about the fact that you’re not getting the results that you want to get even though you’re doing everything right. Well union a resource. He did everything right. At least not enough not long enough and not yet. Emotions slow you down. What you need to do is you can feel the emotion. You can say you know I’m feeling a feeling right now having this thought right now acknowledge it and then let it pass. Bodies like you get clouds passed by I mean you don’t stop a cloud. The clouds go by whether you do anything or you don’t do anything and let the emotion just float by quietly and then get back to doing the work you’re supposed to be doing. Do not succumb to those emotions about wanting it Now listen what you want and when you want it often doesn’t even matter. Often it’s immaterial to the situation. If you didn’t know nobody ever told you that. Let me be the first and tell you what you want and when you want it often has nothing to do. Nobody cares what you want or when you want it. When it comes to success success does not care what you want and when you want it.

Does anybody ever told you that before. No one ever told you that. Then I’m telling you right now success does not care when you want it.

Success is not care that it hasn’t shown up at the time that you wanted it to show up in episode number 201 the title with success is sometimes late to the party success is a diva. People you know what that means success being a diva means it shows up when it feels like it it expects you to be happy that it showed up when it felt like it and you better keep the music playing to keep success happy. Now you better pay it full attention you better give it full regard because if you don’t then success will quickly and easily find another party to its end where people will respect it. Success is sometimes late to the party whatever your version of successes is whatever time you think is on time. Success may not be on the same scale as what a you’re on. Actually let me let me correct that success is never on the same schedule a euro. Your job is to keep doing the work because it won’t be obvious. It will not be obvious that you were doing the work until it’s obvious that you were doing the work.

Now if you give up before it gets to that point then you’ll never understand you’ll never fully understand what I’m talking about you understand it because you’re hearing me now but you won’t really understand it until you live it. But you can never live it. If you give up before you get to this point. Recap today’s topic which is and won’t be obvious so is obvious. Number one you’re working on your game now seemingly doing everything you should be doing with your results are not in line with your effort. Your results are not matching up to you f you given way more effort than you’re getting in results. Others who are giving way less effort seem to be getting even more results. How the hell is that. Point number two understand everything is not happen immediately it does not happen when you want it to happen it happens when it’s supposed to happen when it is ready to happen. That’s what is going to happen which is the point when is obvious. Point number three your job your only job in this whole thing is not to figure out when that is your job is not to ask anybody Hey how long is this supposed to take me to be successful. Your job is not to say well a somebody else got this at this point why am I not getting the same success. Your job is not to bitch to somebody and say well I feel like all the work I’m doing is for nothing. I mean sometimes people write me and say that to me I don’t even know someone’s supposed to say back to you or say OK I understand what you’re saying and what the hell you want me to do about it.

They just wrote me to bitch about it. Listen. Your job is to just show up and keep doing what you’re supposed to do what you’re supposed to do is what you committed to this is point number three. Just continue to follow up on your commitment. Do the work put your head now.

Don’t worry about when it’s going to get there. It’ll get there and when he gets there just make sure you are around when it arrives. It’s kind of like get the U.P.S. man comes to your house and a knock on the door. Some places if they knock on the door and nobody answers they won’t leave the package is there because somebody might steal it. Some places they’ll leave the package in some places they won’t. You understand what I’m saying. So successes like the U.P.S. guy. Okay. It’s not even a package. Therefore you isn’t one knock on the door if you’re not home home meaning you’re doing the work you signed up to be doing if you’re not home when a U.P.S. man knocks on the door you know what they do. They don’t take it to. They don’t leave a note there and say we’ll try to re deliver again tomorrow or you could pick it up at the post office. This is what they do. They go knock on the door next door and say OK well hey no one was home next door. No one was home over there. Are you available for the success.

The next person will take theirs and yours. Work on your game. Dre All Day dot.com.




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