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[Transcript] #534: How To Stay 10 Steps Ahead of Any Possible Competition

Welcome to the best show on the planet. This is the podcast teaches you to this point of showing up day after day to do the work. The confidence of putting yourself out there boldly and authentically in the mental toughness of continuing to show up doing the work even when the success you signed up for is yet to arrive. On top of all that you need some initiatives so you can initiate begin start things without waiting for them start for you. This is the work on your game podcast. My name is Dre Baldwin also known as Dre All Day And today’s topic is how do you stay far ahead of the possible competition because it’s not really competition if they are not competing. How do you stay so far ahead of people that there is no competition.

How do you not allow them to keep up with you. We’re talking about here today.

All of us know that they’re competitors in our field we all know that whether we are just entering and we see other people who are already ahead of us or we we’ve been in. We see other people coming in because they see the success that we’re having they see the opportunity there and they’re trying to catch up equal and surpass us. How do you stay so far ahead of those people that they can’t possibly become competition. Because I think that’s the best position and in my opinion being you won’t be in a position where you’re going neck and neck with a competitor. You don’t wanna be neck and neck with him because there may be it could just be the slightest thing that could put them over the edge. You could be the slightest thing that puts them over the top. And now you’ve got to look at them they’ve got to look at you and even if you don’t well they’re still right there next to you. What if you got so far ahead so far above everyone else that it didn’t even matter what they did they can never compete with you. Wouldn’t it be a great space to be in there can be actually they can always compete with you but you’re not competing with them because you are so far ahead of them. Wouldn’t that be a great position to be in and your business and your sport and your way of thinking and your life. I think so and because I think so that’s what we all talk about here in today’s episode.

Point number one I may give you some points on how you can not allow people to keep up with you. How can you put yourself in a position and stay in a position where no matter what anyone else those who’s trying to do what you do trying to compete with you trying to stay at your level they won’t be able to number one when they hustle you hustle harder. 50 Cent says his only son position of power one my favorite songs he says when you hustle with me. That just means our hustle harder when they are working hard you work harder they’re going to do it they’re going to do things on a 50 you do them at a 60 they do it at 100 you do it at 110 they do it at 200 you do it at 400 when you see other people hustling when you see them stepping their games up or attempting to step their game up or trying to do something new or trying to break through and get past you you pull something else out that they didn’t even know you had. You pour another tool out of your bag you pull another tool out of your tool box and other skill out of your duffel bag that they didn’t even know you had. That puts you even further ahead. Now how do you do this. How can you always have another way to go to another level above anyone who’s trying to possibly compete with you.

You didn’t even know they were going to try this but as soon as you see that they’re trying it you have something to pull out. How could you possibly get the disposition. I mean tell you how you get to that position. You must have enough tools in your tool box that no matter what goes wrong in the house you have something that can fix it. This is something I talked about in a video I made years ago was called How to play your sport as well as you practice but the principles that I shared in that video is not about sports. They apply to anything in life. And I use the simple analogy is kind of like having a tool box you know to toolboxes right a tool kit in your house for those those do it yourselfers who are out there or even people who don’t really like to do it yourself. There are some things that are so small you need to be able to do yourself so you don’t have to call someone and pay them way more than you should be paying. You could just did it yourself and save yourself far and did it in five minutes started paying 50 hours or three hours or waiting three days for the person to show up and do it basically is like this when you have a tool box every skill that you add is like you have an empty tool box and when you start your podcast or start your business or start playing your sport you are a big tool box.

But as it is not even a tool box is just a box because there are no tools in it. Every time you work on your game and you add a skill to your skill set you put a new tool in the toolbox like a hammer or a screwdriver some nails a wrench into some pliers I understand what I’m saying here right some electrical tape every time you add a skill to your skill set you’re putting a new tool in the toolbox now if you keep adding skill at the skill at the skill. Now you have this completely full tool box is so heavy that people can’t even pick it up is like lifting weights just carrying a tool box around everywhere you go. But here’s the challenge with the tool box is the game is not over just because you have a toolbox full of tools. Here’s the thing people you must know and think think of it as if you own a house like you own a house which means you can’t call you can’t call anymore you can’t call the person you leased from you can’t call building maintenance to fix anything if something goes wrong in the house if something goes wrong in a house you had to fix it right now you get a full toolbox you’ve got all the tools so it’s no problem right.

Wrong. Here’s the challenge. Do you know how to use every tool in the toolbox.

You got to not only have a full box of tools you’ve got to know how to use every tool this in the tool box. So when someone says Hey grab this tool and do this you know what they’re talking about you even you. Do you even know what that’s all it looks like. Would you even know what it is we’re going through that box with 100 tools in it. You know which one you’re looking for. You have. The idea and when you pull it out first of all you got to know what it is you have to know how to use it secondly do you know when and where to use it. Do you know where to use the hammer. Do you know when to use the wrench. Do you know when you use a screwdriver or when to use the pliers. Do you know where to use this tool. What has to be going on if you do need this tool. And then how do you actually use it. And then when do you actually use it. What part of the what part of the home improvement work that you pull is to well. Use this one in the beginning do you use this one before you use that one. See it’s not just about having all the skills people. It’s not just about working on your game and having all these skills.

I hear people all the time talking about how many skills they got all these abilities that they have all these things they know they can do. It’s not just about knowing things that you know you can do is about can you use them when they need to be used and how they need to be used and also do you know when to put that all down and pick up a different tool. So towns a lot of athletes have they say I had all these skills I can do this I can do this I can do it it doesn’t matter what you can do. Can you prove it can you use it when it matters like at basketball trials or in the game or in practice every day when you get to earn your playing time or can you only do it when you’re playing with your friends in a playground and a game that doesn’t even matter because nobody’s watching the people you playing against can’t play anywhere so it’s not just about having it is about do you know when to use it. So when I say when they hustle you hustle harder that means you have the ability to pull out more tools but you also know which to pull out how to use that tool and why using that tool is going to put you in the best possible positioning as anyone who could possibly be trying to compete with you.

That’s what I mean by hustling harder when other people start.

HORSLEY Today’s topic again is not allowing them to even think that they could possibly keep up with you. Point number two you’ve got to keep your eyes to the future even though your focus what you’re working on what you’re doing right now is always going to be on the president you’ve got to keep an eye keep a third eye a fourth eye if you will on a future. As they see what you’re doing as the people who are trying to compete with you see what you’re doing they see you’re winning. They see the success you’re getting. They’re going to start copying what you’re doing right. They’re gonna start copy and they’re going to start following. They’re going to start walking in the path that you have already laid down for them. What’s the next move. Then once everybody else has flooded the space that you started what is your next move. Are you just gonna stay there why everybody else floods the space and start chopping into your pie. Or do you have another move. Do you have a next move to go to while they’re all still catching up to your last move. So you got the only way you can keep people trailing you and following you and behind you is that you always got to know what the next thing is. Even though you’re doing your thing you may even be killing it in the space you’re in right now.

Once everybody else starts getting in it and trying to do the same thing that you’re doing are you just going to become another one of the big group the big group that everybody’s doing this thing that’s all people know you as just another one at home. Or do you have a next move.

Do you have an eye to the future so that you know what the next move is even while you’re still doing the current move. What is the next move going to be for you. This is what I mean by keeping an eye to the future. Don’t just focus on what you’re doing now. Keep an eye just a small eye on what’s going on next. What is the next move that I can make. Once everybody catches up to this one and maybe even start planning some seeds for that next moves by the time everybody comes into the current move you are ready on the next thing and a stay trailing you. They cannot keep up. Point number three. Today’s topic again is not allowing them to keep up that possible competition because they’re not really competition. They can’t keep up with you. Number three keep developing skills as I talked about on point number one that tool box having Auto Skills you must keep adding to your toolbox. Keep adding tools to the toolbox not only adding the tool but adding the ability to use the tool knowing when and where the tool gets used.

All of this is all part of having a tool is one thing to have a car is another thing to have a car. You know how to drive. It’s another thing to have a car and you know where you’re driving the car to when you have gas in it you know how to operate auto functions on the dashboard. Having the car itself is worth nothing if you don’t know when and where and how to utilize the vehicle you understand it. Keep adding skills. It is hard to do more. It’s hard to take on more responsibility is hard to move to that next thing and stay ahead of the possible competitors if you don’t have the ability to do anything other than what you’re doing right now.

Everyone found it is hard to move on to another thing and make that next move is they ahead of everybody. If you don’t have any other skills to stay ahead of everybody if all the skills you have are the same skills you have all the skills you have a year from now are the same skills you have now. You probably won’t be doing anything any better than you’re doing right now. If you’re using all your skills right now. That is if you’re using all of your ability right now. You can’t possibly move up to a higher level of responsibility a higher level of ownership or a higher level of dominance a higher level of notoriety. If you’re using all your skills now and next year you still got the same skills what can you move on. Do you don’t have any other tools to use all your tools are being employed how you will move up to another level. So you want to employ all your tools. Make sure you are using your full capabilities which I’ve talked about on a previous episode. I’m going to talk about this in future episodes but also keep adding to your skills never get to the point where you think you know everything you need to know. Education is an ongoing thing. People education is not first grade through 12th grade and then four years of college and then grad school and doctor school whatever they call those schools that come after you graduate from college.

I don’t know because I don’t understand. Education goes on forever even if you never went to school even if you dropped out of school education never ends and education is not the responsibility of a professor or a teacher or an institution of higher learning. Education is the responsibility of the individual being you. Everybody following what I’m saying so far if you didn’t rewind it. Let’s recap today’s topic. Don’t allow them to keep up. Number one when they start hustling you hustle harder whatever they do you got another tool to pull out that they don’t even own that they don’t know how to use they never seen it before. You always have something extra ready for a number to keep your eyes to the future even while you’re doing what you do in the present. Keep an eye to the future as soon as they see to you’re winning you’re doing something successfully. They’re going to start copying they’re going to come in and to do the same thing you’re doing. So here’s the question what’s the next move out. That is one it keeps them behind you at all times. Keep them trailing you number three. Keep developing skills keep adding tools to that toolbox and don’t just add the tool but add the knowledge how to use the tool the wisdom when and where to use the tool when not to use it too.

All of that is part of having a tool not just having it is knowing what to do with it and knowing when to do that and when not to do it that matters the most work on your game. Dre All Day.

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