#613: You’ve Been Lied To: Life Will NEVER Be Fair [WOYG Podcast]

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Around the season of high school basketball tryouts, I get a lot of messages about the unfairness of the tryout process. Some player who wasn’t/isn’t as good as you or didn’t practice as much as you in the summer or who can’t even do all the stuff you can do made the team while you did not. And it’s really unfair how it happened.

Regardless of whether I believe your story of unrecognized basketball greatness (I don’t), you’re actually right: shit is unfair. I don’t know if you’ve recently had your first experience with unfairness, but here’s news: it will happen again.

Life is not designed to be fair. There are people who don’t have anything to eat while there are others with more money than hey could ever spend. Is that fair? Some guy grows to 6’5”, talented and handsome while you’re 5’7”, average and ugly. That air fair either.

Unfair is the way of life. Today you’ll learn how to deal with it.


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