#617: How To Handle the Bullies, Assholes and Mean People [WOYG Podcast]

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I saw the viral video of the White suburban kid who’d been being bullied at school. He was tearing up and very distraught about it. He wondered aloud why he was being bullied and what satisfaction those mean kids were getting from it.

Listen. I can’t even begin to think how I’d react if that were my child. Notice I said REACT (immediate, without though), not RESPOND (after consideration, rational and measured). I’d be seeing red. I admire the parent who can deal have that happen to their kid and still sleep at night. I’m not yet at that point in my development, honestly.

The problem I see with all the hashtags and adult talk is, the kid still ha to go to school tomorrow. And he can transfer and change towns, school, clothes etc, but he’s still himself. And there are assholes in the world; assholes who procreate and have children. Passivity and turning the other cheek work only in certain cases. Some people only respect one form of communication. And it aint no damn hashtags.

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