#669: If You’re Looking For Exposure, You’re Not Good Enough Yet [WOYG Podcast]

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I remember talking to a woman in 2014 about speaking at one of her company’s events. She was quite hesitant about me though, because I didn’t have any stage experience at the time. It frustrated me because I knew I had game when it came to speaking. But I understood why she’d hesitated: I was unproven.

I kept hustling, got some proof, and now I charge money to step on stages. I’ve already made episodes explaining how this is done. Check the archive.

Many budding athletes come to me regarding exposure. They feel they’re really good at their sport (or at least they want to pretend they believe it) and feel they should be being seen more by more people.

Here’s the truth of the matter. While there are certain things one can do to garner (extra) attention for oneself, one constant is unchanged: skill. Game. Performance. If you’re not being seen “enough,” your game is missing something.

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