#682: Not Everyone Can Be A Realist! [WOYG Podcast]

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I’ve discussed this term “reality” on this show from many angles. Most of the time I hear the phrase be used, it’s a plea to water down a big idea,

reduce a goal, or expect less of ourselves.

And you know what? There are people for whom this is a good idea.

People who haven’t or won’t do the work to have the game to match ambitious goals. People who lack the confidence to put themselves out there often and for long enough to be recognized. People who don’t have the discipline to stick to the job they signed up for. These people should be realistic. I’m not here to convince everyone to stop being to realistic.

There are some, though, who can afford, so to speak, to not be so realistic. We need these people: they’re the ones who bring change to the world and initiate innovation, new ways of thinking and all  that comes with both. Without them, we’d still be in the Stone Age.

I don’t know which you are. After today’s episode though, you will know.

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