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You hear those hero stories.

Life was ok, but not great. Then, tragedy struck. In the depths of sorrow, our heart make a decision to change for the good, permanently. From there, everything just started working.

It doesn’t ever happen that quickly — but it does happen. And the cause that changes everything is indeed a singular moment. That’s when the decision is made, and all thoughts and actions follow this decision. Remember that decision isn’t decision without action.

Today is about that moment of decision, when you decide to write a new story from the one you’ve been authoring up until now. The great news is you can throw the old one out anytime you want.



[Transcript] #684 How To Write A New Story, Starting Today

Good life is simply a string of good decisions. You’ve made a great decision a tuning into the show where you learn a discipline of someone up day after day to do the work. The confidence of putting yourself out there boldly and authentically and the mental toughness to continue showing up doing the work. Putting yourself out there even when the success you’ve expected as a result of those actions has yet to manifest itself. And then we put on top of all of that. Yes there is more a big dose of personal initiative your energy to go make things happen instead of waiting for them to happen. We put all of this together you get the Work On Your Game Podcast. My name is Dre Baldwin also known as Dre All Day. Congratulations to you pat yourself on the back of your arms and long enough for being here on today’s show and today’s topic is about writing a new story in your life. If you if you’re in a situation right now where maybe things haven’t been going the way that you’ve wanted them to whether that’s in your your whole life in general maybe it’s in your relationship maybe in your sport and your business at your job what you’ve been doing academically if you’re in school and you want to turn things around you know you want to turn things around you can listen to this podcast every day you know that there’s a possibility for you to get better and do better and be better because you see it all around you. You can see it in your own mind but the problem is you got this this nagging thought that is pulling you from behind is nagging thought that just won’t seem to go away of everything you’ve been and everything you have done or not done.

Up to this point the person who hasn’t really been doing that well academically or the athlete who hasn’t really been performing at that high of a level or the business person whose business hasn’t been thriving or the person in a relationship that that relationship hasn’t really been going too well. You have such a long history and such a deep history at least in your own mind relatively speaking of things not going the way that you want them to you are unsure how possible it really is for you to write a brand new story starting today in any area of your life where you want to make change just because you’ve been doing the other thing for so long it’s gonna be a fight an uphill battle or you can see or at least that’s what you think is going to be for you to turn things around and that may be getting in the way of you initiating the action is necessary to mindsets necessary just doing what you had to do. Getting the right type of energy to move you to the next level is going to help you out. With that here in today’s episode would do all that for the unbelievably low price of absolutely free although one is a time focus and attention and again today’s topic is how to write a new story starting today. And I’m talking about this because as I just explained exactly why and there are people in all walks of life different areas young old male and female athletes non athletes business people working business professionals who want to do something different.

There has to be an area I would think every one of us has at least one area of our lives where we run a once to write a new story doesn’t mean things have been going terrible there or we’ve done anything wrong it’s just that things aren’t going as great as they could be.

Some people may be in your business life some people may be the way you’re dealing with the people closest to people you want to be close to you maybe it’s how you’re taking care of yourself physically how is how you’re performing physically how you’re doing your job. We all want to make things better in some areas of our lives. How do we start that process right now. It doesn’t have to be a long drawn out thing. It doesn’t take a long time for you to figure it out. It doesn’t take 21 days not a day. You can write a new story starting right now. You just gotta have the right tools to do so. You’re in the right place to acquire those tools. Point number one there’s a famed speaker. He’s no longer with us but a very well-known guy by name of Zig Ziglar. You never heard a zig. You should look him up and his name is spelled exactly how it sounds. And one thing to zig would say sometimes I listen to some of these talks even stilted his day.

And one thing that he was oft he would often say was yesterday did indeed end last night.

And that’s the first point that I want you to understand is kind of something I talked about in a previous and previous episode where I was talking about moving on from where you’ve been up to this point that you know had to let the past hold you back. You can choose a new direction at any given moment. The first thing you had to come to grips with is whatever has happened in the past is really in the past and it does not control you. It does not determine who you need to be moving forward doesn’t determine what you can do or what you cannot do moving forward. You just had to accept the fact that whatever happened in the past is indeed already in the past. You don’t have to relive it and you don’t have to live up to whatever the past was whether the past was a positive or past was a negative. It does not control anything has happened to you from this point forward at this exact moment moving forward. So the question at that point becomes are you willing to accept the fact that whatever your past is is actually your past. Are there an entire episode talking about not letting the past hold you back not only the things that were unpleasant or negative or not the outcomes you want but also the things that were good the great things that you’ve achieved not allowing the past to hold you back. Mean. You’re in a way that you’re still holding on to the great things you did back then which is slowing you down from doing anything great right now.

You don’t want to become that has been slash used to be a person who’s talking about what you did or what you used to do and it is keeping you from focusing on the present and the future and you’re not doing anything worthwhile now.

Eventually you become a bee become a museum piece something that was great in the past but everybody is paying attention to what’s going on now and nothing’s going on with you. You become just a statue. Something that happened but is not happening anymore. So can you let that pass go. Are you willing to accept that whatever happened before is done in his town to move on. Some people are living their past in the present. You haven’t been in a situation you ever knew someone who was doing it. They were living their past in the present. You know some guys live in their past and the president all you have to do is talk to them or just let them talk. What do you hear them talking about the past. What happened yesterday. What they did. Six months ago the reason why it is still not doing what they want to do now which has something to do with something to happen before something that didn’t happen before is something somebody said before they are allowing whatever happened in their past to control the press. Some people are living their past in the present they are literally repeating history over and over again at every given moment because all they can think about they are allowing what happened in the past to dominate their mind.

I can’t let those things go so are you allowing that pass to control you now. I mean enough about other people you will now need to control you now or do you agree that yesterday did in last night and this time it is time for a new beginning every single day when you wake up that you are you are blessed with the gift of waking up. Point number two. Today’s topic again is how to write a new story starting today. How many times have you heard me talk about working backwards. When we talk about setting a goal. Once you decide what it is you want to achieve or you have an idea what you want to achieve but you may not know exactly what to do. Maybe you do know exactly what to do because you’ve already done it. But if you have a goal a big accomplishment that you wish to achieve but you will know exactly what to do. Just work backwards. Look at that goal and ask yourself okay what would I have to achieve in order to get to that point. And once you get an answer and you keep asking the question until you get an answer because if you can’t come up with an answer to that question then you may need to find yourself a different goal what what I need to achieve in order to get to that goal and you work backwards and just keep going backwards asking the same question to applying it to every answer you give yourself.

Working all the way back until you get to the point where you can do something right now that’s basically the way that you map out your life is that simple and I make it even more simple for you in the mental workbook which is at Dre All datacom sized work. But what is the happy ending for this new story that you’re writing so for you to write a new story you need to know at the end of the story is right. If you read or listen to an interview of anyone who is a really good writer who writes fiction people write fiction what is basically writing a story a story that they made up maybe is based on something that they know about but they’re basically creating fabricating this story. I’ve heard many fiction writers talk about how they start at the end when they’re writing their story the first thing they write is how the story ends and then they fill everything in. To make that story map out the way that they wanted to map it out. So they write what how the story is going to end. Then maybe they just work backwards. Chapter by chapter maybe they started the beginning and say OK now I got the. They write the beginning and they say OK now I’ve got to make everything twist and turns to come to this end that I’ve already written. So what is the happy ending for this new story.

You’re going to write The 48 Laws Of Power of all no 29. If you don’t know the 48 hours of power by Robert green as green with the iron and that’s my favorite book of all time people sometimes ask me why I like to read that is it 48 Laws Of Power Law Number twenty nine Robert Green says plan all the way to the end that is the title of that chapter you haven’t read The 48 Laws you should read the 48 goals you should have already read it because you heard me discuss it in episode number 60 my top five favorite books if you haven’t listened to my favorite books episodes I know I just did a couple a week or so ago I did episode number sixteen I was 69 and 143 those are the first three installments installment number four and five were a couple of weeks back so make sure you are caught up on autos and make sure you’re reading every book is listed at Dre All Day dot com slash read that is my reading lists categorize and also listed books that I read books that I review so you need to know what to read that is the place to go does the place to start and that’s the place to finish.

Point number three. Today’s topic is how to write a new story starting today. You got it turned to a fresh sheet of paper.

If you want to write a news story you don’t want to be trying to fit everything into the margins of pages that have already been used. We already talked about yesterday ending last night getting out of the past not in on what happened in the past whether positive or negative to hold you back. You had to turn to a fresh sheet of paper meaning you got to really give yourself a fresh start you made to do this. Of course you want to do it mentally but you may had to do this tangibly too. Maybe you need to go to a new location maybe need to join a new team maybe need to start a new business or create a new product or drive to work a different way join a different team. I don’t know. Something that you need to do to makes it different. It doesn’t have to be some great radical change. Maybe you’re not in a position to make some great radical change. Maybe you can’t just move from Philadelphia to Austin Texas tomorrow just because you decided you need a fresh start. Maybe you could stay in Philadelphia.

Maybe just drive a different route to work eat a different breakfast listen to different stuff when you’re going to work in Las Vegas instead of Work On Your Game Podcast. That part of your life. You keep that the same but other things you may need to make some changes turn to a fresh sheet of paper you can’t write a new story on paper it has already been written on. I mean you can but then you’ve got to squeeze everything into the spaces is going to be hard to tell what exactly is going on. You have to approach life. And this is for anyone whether you’re writing news new story right now. If you’ve done it in the past you can just think that this happened to you. Is this something that you did in order write that new story. I promise you that Lou’s approach survives knowing that you can write anything you want on a fresh sheet of paper. Starting today. There’s no rule that says you can’t right. Fill in the blank on your page is no rule that says you can’t write. I’m going to start taking care of my body. There’s no rule that says you can’t write. I’m going to become the athlete that I always known.

I can become I’m really dedicated. I made a decision I’m going to become that person now not just think about it not just write about it and watch YouTube and hope about it but I’m actually going to become it. There’s no nothing that’s stopping you from becoming it right now. The only thing stopping you from becoming anything that you want to become the only thing stopping you from writing any story that you want to write is your belief that you can’t write it or your lack of personal initiative in actually writing it or your lack of confidence and actually putting it down on paper. And when I say on paper I mean figuratively if you want to write it digitally write it dismally. You want to write it in a mental workbook. Get the mental workbook and write in the mental workbook. But when I say what I’m saying is there’s no rule that is stopping you from running a brand new store. You can do it anytime you want. Any day you want doesn’t matter who you are where you’re from or what you’ve been through but you must make the decision that a new store is going to be written without the decision being made. Nothing’s going to happen.

And if you need some help with making decisions listen I’ve talked about that on several episodes that are Work On Your Game Podcast. If you didn’t know what a full archive is is that Dre All Day dot com slash podcast Dre All Day dot com slash podcast. I would refer you to a couple of episodes episode number 296. How to start making your own decisions again in any of these episodes that I mentioned. If you just go to Dre All Day slash and then put the number you can get straight to that episode so that’ll be Dre All Day slash to 96. I’m not saying a dot.com. I think people can. I’m just going to assume that you understand this. Dre decides to 96 is how to start making your own decisions. Episode number 246 how to be more decisive. Episode number 220 not a real decision does not have a plan B so if you need any help with actually making decisions those are three episodes out refer you to again you can see those all at Dre All Day slash podcast. Let’s recap today’s topic which is how to write a new story starting today. Point number one Zig Ziglar said yesterday did indeed end last night are you willing to let go of what happened in your past whether it was something great or something that you would rather forget.

Are you willing to let it go and not allow it to mentally hold you back even if you’re not talking about it or broadcasting it and nobody’s mentioning it to you. Are you still replaying that movie in your mind. Well there was a great movie or a terrible movie. That’s where you got to go see some different movies. I mean if you’re a movie reviewer you can give the most glowing review or most terrible review but just be thorough about a review of a movie that you saw. But you can’t wake up every single day and just keep watching that movie and write a new review of the same movie eventually. Boston on fire you say or your fans are gonna start listening to you because I mean you’re not even watching any of the new movies all you do is keep watching the same old movies even if it was a great one. It’s only so many words you keep writing about the same movie. People want to hear about the new stuff that’s coming out so you can decide what they’re going to do is because people are moving forward people new generations are coming up new things are happening if you’re not stand up with the new things because all you’re doing is being stuck in your past. You’re going to get slowed down eventually you get left behind.

Again that past could be the great pass or a terrible pass you’ve just got to be one and let it go. Point number two. You’ve heard me talk many times about working backwards so the writing a new story the first thing you start with is what is the ending what is the happy ending to your new story. Well you know the happy ending is then you can follow Robert Greene’s 48 Laws Of Power. All number twenty now which is planning all the way to the end. You can plan to the end when you know what the end is. You know the end is is impossible to plan city in. It just makes sense right. Number three turn to a fresh sheet of paper if you’re going to write a new story you need a fresh sheet of paper to write it. You can’t keep writing stories on the same piece of paper you’ve been writing for with the same pen and doesn’t have any ink in it anymore. You got to write on a fresh sheet of paper exactly what you want to write it approach life no one you can write anything you want on any sheet of paper. Any given day there is no rule that says you can’t. There’s no rule that says you’ve got to keep living the same story.

The only thing is keeping you doing it is the own is your own rule that you have in your own head. But we could change those rules at any given time.

Nobody’s going to stop you except you work on your game. Dre All Day.


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