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There are a lot of complainers out there. I don’t hate or despise the complainers; their complaints and my responses to these complaints have made for some excellent content over the years.

Complainers are like roaches or rats, though: no matter how many solutions you come up with to get rid of them (the complaints, not the people themselves), they come up with a counter to your counter.

Today, with context and solid, irrefutable reasoning, I present the counter that shall not be countered. Ever.


[Transcript] #685 Shut The Hell Up, And Keep Working

They say you are what you repeatedly do and you are repeatedly tuning in. So to show where you learn the discipline of showing up day after day to do the work. The confidence of putting yourself out there boldly and authentically. And the mental toughness of continuing to show up doing the work. Putting yourself out there even when the success you expect it by this point you can’t find it. You’re looking for your calling it your chicken Uber app you have no idea of its current location or its EDTA but you keep doing what you need to do we put all that together and we’re going to give you a bonus of some personal initiative the energy for you to go make things happen instead of waiting for them to happen. We put all that together all of it together in one pot outcomes the mindset in a podcast that we all know as work on your game. My name is Dre Baldwin also known as Dre All Day. You’re an excellent person cause you are tuned into this show. Congratulations on being here today’s topic is a topic that I thought of when I was actually recording a video is gonna be on youtube maybe on YouTube by the time you see it is maybe not. But I was recording this video and I was talking specifically about a I was talking about a specific situation I was making this video for athletes who asked me questions about coaches some situation with a coach.

You’d be surprised many of you out there are coaches. You’d be surprised at how many athletes blame their coaches for their situation.

Now I’m thinking of coaches shout out to coach me set up in Philadelphia at the park would I think is park would recreation softball teams shout coach Lisa. Hopefully she’s listeners told me to listen to every episode so she’s listening she should send me a message today when she hears this but a lot of athletes complain about coaches and I’m making this video I was making this video for athletes who complain about their coach and I told them the exact steps that they need to follow if they’re dealing with a coach who’s not really not really doing what the player wants the coach to do which is just funny by itself right that an athlete is complaining that the coach is not doing what the player wants them to do and actually talked about this on episode number one of the Work On Your Game Podcast. Yes the very first episode of his show April 9th 2016 was title athletes how to deal with playing time issues but this episode I’m touching it from a different angle.

I’m wanted to say some things that I may have said in Episode 1 if you listened to Episode 1 if you weren’t around at episode 1 and you haven’t gone back to the archives and listen all the time at Dre All Day as podcast then you might hear it. This is all gonna be brand new stuff to you in everything I’m saying here. I’m sure there’ll be another episode in the future of this podcast that I’m going to talk about it again. But today’s topic I might give you the actual title of today’s podcast episode and if you follow me on Instagram my Instagram story that is or my snapchat you probably heard me say this a few weeks ago the day that I was recording it. Here’s the topic. Shut the hell up and keep working. The reason that title it shut the hell up and keep working is because that’s a new catchphrase. Okay. A new Dre All Day catch phrase I don’t know if it’s going to be worth it to the trade market yet I’m I’m mulling over that I may have already trademarked it by the time you listen to this but we already got Dre All Day right Dre days a catch phrase you already got work on your game. We got a w o y FGM still work on your game but I put the effort here for emphasis as I like to say and then by ask me what does I stand for I say well work w o ideas work on your game now put the f for emphasis.

And that kind of means is kind of double entendre because you know the word emphasis is with a p h not a p h. Sounds like an F so it’s for emphasis and now I had to explain it. That is not that clever. But anyway now we got s t h you a KW I’m sitting in s t h you a KW That stands for. Shut the hell up and keep working why am I talking about this is your right into the point so I don’t even have to step on anything I’m going to say here. Number one. This is the reason why this is a topic. The reason why I’m talking about this today because this option. Shut the hell up and keep working. This is the number one option that you have whether you are you can be an athlete you can be an employee working at a company or you have a boss. I mean we all have some person who has some position of authority over us at some point in our lives whether as a parent whether it’s a boss or a supervisor.

If you are a CEO of a company you’ve got your shareholders you got the board. If you are a an athlete of course you have your coach. So anyone who is in any part of your life you have a person who has a position of authority over you they can tell you what to do or they can make decisions that don’t necessarily have to please you but you still have to go along with them. If you’re going to stay part of that organization. This applies to everyone who is in that group. Okay. So yes I’m using a canvas of athletics for this but even if you don’t play sports I really want you to understand isn’t it. Even if you don’t play sports if you love sports you’ll still understand his point. And every athlete if you’re an athlete you definitely need to hurt us if you’re a parent. Listen to this. You have an athlete child. Make sure you passes over it’s an amount. It could be a niece or nephew who you haven’t talked to in two years. Tell them Hey I thought of you because this guy Dre All Day told me to pass this episode over to you. So that gives you a reason to open up that that window of conversation if you are a coach or a parent.

I mean. Coach or teacher the parent definitely had to see a kid. I said that already if you’re a coach or a trainer or a teacher have your athletes or even your students listen to this. If you’re a teacher you can have your students listen to this. I don’t know if you’ll be allowed to play this one in your classroom. I don’t know. Maybe the administrator might be kind of antsy because Dre All Day and got has the e for explicit language on it. I’m not using explicit language in his episode at least I don’t think I will. I’m going to make a note I might make a mental note to not use explicit language in his just so you can play this in your class. Now students of yours listen citizen class. I do use explicit language on other episodes and I know you’ll use it anyway when your teachers and parents ain’t around. So just subscribes to Work On Your Game Podcast is what you need to understand. This is the number one option is the point number one here. S t h u AK w now shut the hell up and keep working is the number one option where you’re not getting the results you want despite your best efforts. See this is for anybody.

Ok so those are you don’t even have a boss you don’t want a boss. Maybe you’re just out in the world vagabonds bonding and is you’re not really connected to any human being directly. This this applies to you too. OK so all you entrepreneurs out there are you athletes playing in solo sports a sport this is you by yourself like tennis or swimming or something like that and everybody else when you’re giving your best effort. At least what you think is your best effort because if you’re not getting results you want is not your best effort by the way but if you’re not getting what you want and you think you’re doing everything you’re supposed to do you feel like you’re doing everything right. You feel like you are following protocol properly but you’re still not getting the results you want your number one option is the first thing you do when you get to that point the first thing you do when you look in the mirror or you’re in the middle of your workday is to an afternoon and you’re starting to crash and you know you got three or four more hours of work that you got to do or whatever the situation. You’re right man. I’m doing all these days I feel like I’m doing everything right and I’m still not getting a result. Maybe you just having a a life crisis. It could be an early life crisis a midlife crisis a late life crisis.

You’re just looking at yourself and looking at surviving a situation saying I feel like I’ve done everything I’m supposed to do. I paid my dues but I still don’t have a kind of results that I want. The number one option and everyone has this may not solve the entire situation but this is the first. This is the first remedy that you go to. It’s kind of like if an athlete gets injured the first thing you may tell the athlete OK is put some ice on it or you may say go take a nap or you may say just sit out the rest of the game or arrested a practice or no sleep it off and come back to me tomorrow and see how you feel. The first option the first thing you were going to do just to see if this works is shut the hell up and keep working. That is the first thing you do when things are working out for you this is your first option. Now if this doesn’t work then we got some other options. But it’s the first option. And let me tell you did this first option has a 94 percent success rate. I want to make sure I put that piece of information in there so people don’t skip over it because this is a this. This option is not an easy option.

This is definitely not an easy option to give to somebody who’s complaining or bitching or whining about their situation is hard to tell somebody who’s whining about this situation to shut the hell up and keep working. Would you agree. Have you ever tried it as you have. Have you ever had it told to you. You probably didn’t take too well to it but this is the best option. Even though people may not like it it’s still the best option. Any athlete who’s not getting enough playing time any worker you feel like you’re not getting the promotion that you deserve to get any salesperson. You get to the end of your day you made 25 calls and you can have not a single progressive conversation I’ve had days like that before I’ve had days like all these before athlete not playing enough work and not getting a promotion or not getting the right kind of money. Stick to the discipline the discipline is what working on your game. The discipline is whatever you signed up for if his scored to discipline is going to class taking notes studying and passing the test. If his athlete is going to practice is listening to the coach. Whatever the coach says if the coach says We to practice three times in a day. That’s the discipline that you signed up for.

Whatever the discipline is of the road you signed up for. You stick to the discipline even when you’re not getting the results that you want. Shut the hell up and keep working. This is the first option. And again 94 times out of 100. This will solve your problem. What you consider to be a problem will be solved if you just shut the hell up and keep working. Now you don’t need anything else. Now let’s go to option number two is go to exit is not option number two on a motel you had options. Number one option will solve again most problems. But let me tell. We want to talk some more about why this is the number one option that’s the way that I’m going to describe that point number two. And again today’s topic do I need to say to you. I like saying it. So today’s topic is shut the hell up and keep working. This this point OK is a mental toughness topic. This is in the mental toughness area. You know a mental toughness is you should if you isn’t said His podcast is that describe it every single episode. It is your ability to remain confident to remain discipline who continue showing up doing the work. Putting yourself out there even when is success you expect it has not yet arrived.

Even when things are not quite working the way you expected them you remain confident. That means you still believe that it will work out. You remain disciplined meaning not only do you believe that it will work out but you actually take actions to help it work out. You continue to do those things even though you are you aren’t getting the results that is the definition of mental toughness. So the question is when you are given the instruction to shut the hell up and keep working is not if you’re going to shut the hell up and keep working the question is how tough are you. Because of you are mentally weak you’re going to look at that and say no is war is more than that is deeper than that. I have been working I haven’t been making a noise. I haven’t been doing any complaining. I was just talking to you to see what you would say I was hoping you would give me some advice or give me some tips or tell me what to do which is to tell me to shut up and keep working. Man I need more help than that. Listen how mentally tough are you. Are you mentally tough enough to look at it and say OK this is clearly not getting me result I want.

But you know what I’m going to keep working. I put my head down and keep doing what I’m supposed to do. I’m going to stick to the disciplines of what I signed up for and we’re going to see where it is goes. Now is there a point. Is there some point is maybe somebody has this question and is there some point where you say OK just to be quiet and keep working obviously isn’t working as I put so much time in it is so much effort and maybe it’s time for me to walk away. Maybe it’s time for me to go do something else. Maybe it’s time for me to really move on and maybe this really isn’t the right place or I’m not the right person or was not the right time. Well cover that. Coincidentally s an episode number two on the Work On Your Game Podcast which is titled When it’s time to quit. You might think wait a minute. You talk about mental toughness confidence discipline you talk about quitting. Yes there is a time to quit. There is a time to quit in life and if you want to know when it is. Go to episode number two. As Dre day dot com slash to Dre All Day dot com slash too and you can listen to that episode when it’s time to quit because there is a time to quit for some of us and some actually all of us in certain areas of our lives as usually we don’t all just bat 1000 when it comes to what we choose to do with ourselves who we choose to spend time with the activities we choose to get involved in the type of person that we choose to be. Sometimes we make mistakes and we need to quit on the mistake and go do the right thing or go corrected or at least try to find something better than a mistake that we’ve made. We know we may not get it right or next move but we know to move that we made already is not right when is the time to quit.

This episode number two to Work On Your Game Podcast for archives at DRE DRE as podcast. This question here. Mental toughness. How mentally tough are you tough. Does not only mean aggression or yelling at people or not moving out of people’s way when they walk past you on a sidewalk is not fist fighting with people being mentally tough means showing up and every showing up every day and doing your job.

People who show up everyday and do their job they’re tough doing what you’re supposed to do even when you have a juice you’re more tempting option that is not what they’re supposed to do. That’s mental toughness. Doing what is right even when no one would know that you did the opposite of what was right. That is mental toughness. Now these things and I’m pointing out here none of us is 100 percent perfectly mentally tough. Every single day at a year every single moment every single situation that we get and none of us is perfect but we can have something to aspire to have nothing else because it is this measure of mental toughness if you happen to do something maybe you’re doing something right now and is not mentally tough. You know you want to eat better but right now you in some candy or some junk food or bag of potato chips or some dessert you know you’re not supposed to be eating because it goes against all the decisions that you made three weeks ago to get yourself in better shape right now is not the best moment of mental toughness for you. That does not mean you just cancelled out everything you did it doesn’t mean you should just go on a downward spiral and just do more to stuff. There’s not going to help you in the long run. What it means is you at least know that you got off track which means you can get back on track. Now some eyes off try and they don’t even know they’re off track. Those are the people who are really in trouble. If someone’s off try and they’re OK would be an all right. Those are the people who are really in trouble that a person who gets off track and knows when they’re all right they noted they’re off track and they know they need to get back more. Those are people who are in good shape because listen no human being is perfect. Nobody’s mentally tough. 1000 percent of the time all the time. No human being. No one who breathes or bleeds is perfect all the time.

But it’s us knowing that I’m doing something as outside of what I really want to be doing. Let me get back as quickly as possible to where I want to be that is the mental toughness the mental toughness that we can all aspire to because none of us is gonna have it right all the time. Everywhere everywhere we go everything we do. Point number three in today’s topic again shut the hell up and keep working. If you really feel a medium we put really in all capital letters. If you really feel that you have earned what you have not yet received you feel like you’ve earned it but you haven’t yet gotten it and you feel your situation that you’re in. Whether that’s on your team at home with your parents at school with the teacher at work with your balls you feel the situation is extremely unfair. You really feel that there’s a lot of bias working against you and there are some forces working against you to have nothing to do with it has nothing to do with merit is not merit based at all.

It’s just a lot of other things political things going on that are really holding you back. You really think it’s unfair and there’s a really impossible situation. You think them says race is completely impossible. This is what you do.

Anyone who’s in a situation here it is. Go somewhere else and get what you need.

Go somewhere else if you feel like the team that you’re on is really impossible because the coach is really really really a hater just someone you go get on a different team and get what you need. Whether that’s playing time their shot attempts whatever it is you want to coach started to work with you and make you get better. Even that’s not the coach’s job actually the coach’s job is to win games. If you feel like the coach is not doing what the coach needs to do your parents not doing what they need to do your boss your customers the people you’re in relationships with. If they’re not doing what they need to do you really think it’s unfair. It is an unjust situation. It is impossible to turn the situation around. All you need to do is go somewhere else get a new relationship go get some new parents go go to a new school get yourself a new coach quit your job go get yourself a new boss maybe make yourself the boss whatever it is you want to do go there and get what you need. Simple as that means. That’s an easy solution right. If you really think is impossible where you are why you still it go somewhere else.

Oh there’s a there’s a caveat to that. What if you can’t go.

What if you can’t go get some new parents. What if you can’t leave your team because there’s no other team around or since you already are on that team. You can’t join another team in the middle of the season. What if you don’t want to leave your job because you like the money or you like your co-workers or you just don’t feel comfortable leaving your job. You want to keep the job but you just want to bitch about how unfair the situation is. What have you for whatever reason can’t lead the situation that you’re in but the situation that you’re in is real effed up right now. What if you just can’t leave. What do you do. Here’s what you do if you can’t meet. You know is impossible you know is it fair unfair. You really feel that you have earned something that you have not yet received and the situation that you’re in. What do you do next. But you can’t leave this what you do. Shut the hell up and keep working.


This is a self-perpetuating piece of advice because as long as you don’t complain or moan or whine about the situation at your end you won’t.

You won’t be giving your mind and again complaining can be happening all internally and your mom thought you saying that you had to talk to complain but you can complain and your mom. We’ve all done it right. And then if any of you ever complained in your mind you didn’t actually speak it but you were complaining in your mind about a situation. We’ve all done. Maybe you do it as a habit from now and if I haven’t kept myself complaining in my mind I catch myself complaining in my mind and then I replace that thought with something better. So there’s again a measure mental toughness. Why am I complaining about this. What is that going to do for me what do what can I do to put myself in a better situation and what can I do to take control of the situation what can I do to stop complaining and actually be proactive.

Because complaining is not proactive. Complaining is reactive and complaining is also passes. OK. And we don’t. That’s not what this podcast is about. You can shut the hell up and keep working if things aren’t working out and you can’t go anywhere.

Eventually things will turn around if you’re doing the right work. You being the right person you’re bringing a positive attitude to whatever it is that you do and you’re doing what needs to get done. Eventually you’ll get the outcome that you want. It may not happen in the time that you want it to happen but it will happen as long as you stick to your discipline. Let’s recap today’s topic which is shut the hell up and keep working that is a new catch phrase here work on your game. This is point number one. This is the number one option when you’re not getting the results you want despite all your best efforts and it has a 94 percent success rate. So if you’re athlete now again playing time a worker not getting recognition from your boss. If you’re a salesperson who made a bunch of sales calls and you’re not getting the outcomes that you want all you need to remember is that you must stick to your disciplines. You stick to your disciplines. You’ll get the outcome that you want but you’ve got to shut the hell up and keep working. No one wants to hear you complain and point number two.

This whole topic is a mental toughness issue.

Every single day on his podcast we talk about your ability to remain confident and remain disciplined even when confidence and discipline have not produced the results you thought they were produced at least in a time frame or at the volume that you thought they would produce results. Are you willing to continue to show up every single day and do what you’re supposed to do. Are you willing to stick to the script even though the script has led you to a place that you don’t really want to be at least to this point. Are you willing to do your job show up every day even when you have juice you’re tougher tempt more tempting options are you willing to show up and do what you’re supposed to do in when is a more tempting option as mental toughness. Doing what’s right even when no one would know that you did the opposite it was right. All those are measures of mental toughness that’s why this is a mental toughness topic. Now no one and none of us is perfect.

You don’t have to hold yourself to be 100 percent on top because none of us is always going to be 100 percent on anything or at least not on something like this on a long term basis. Put it that way. But you can have and you can have an ideal to aspire to if you have something to aspire to at least you’ll know where you’re not quite there and you know you need to get back on track is the person who doesn’t know they’re off Dre.

On a personal guess I’ll try and they’re okay with it. Those are the people who are in real trouble. Point number three if you really feel you have earned something and you haven’t gotten it you feel the situation you’re in is extremely unfair and you think is really an impossible situation that can’t be turned around. Here’s what you do. Go somewhere else and get what you need whatever you’re not getting there.

Go get it somewhere else. Now if you can’t go somewhere else or you feel like it wouldn’t be wise to go somewhere else if you feel like the timing is not right you had a resources to go somewhere else here’s what you do. Shut the hell up and keep working. Work on your game.

Dre All Day dot.com.


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