6ix Kick-Ass Strategies Of The Million-Dollar Entrepreneur by Dawnna St. Louis (@dawnnastlouis) [Book Review]

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“This book is in income building, busy – ness eradicating, get your sh*t together on a daily basis – business advice too. Which is to say, it contains information that entrepreneurs have used to start, build, run, grow, and repeat their business success.”

In 2014, I knew I was getting out of basketball and more into business. A guy I was playing pickup ball mentioned Toastmasters as a place to start. I went and, in my first speech, announced how I was aiming to speak for pay. Former UM players and NFL Pro Bowler Phillip Buchanon was there, and we talked after – he was doing the same thing I was doing.

Phillip was attending some event in San Diego that he said was specifically for speakers. I couldn’t make it, but Phillip promised he’d pass me contacts of anyone he met who would be useful.

He texted me one name and number a week later – that of Dawnna St. Louis.

Dawnna St. Louis and she was a godsend in helping me develop the platform that transitioned me from Internet Basketball Guy to Mental Toughness, Confidence & Discipline Expert. The TED Talks, conferences I’ve presented at – I had no idea how to even get close to those before Dawnna. She introduced me to the 6ix Strategies back then, and I was a protege for application of the Strategies for entrepreneurs. 

6ix is the culmination of Dawnna’s perfection of the methodology. What the 6ix does, basically, is allow entrepreneurs to have a method for conducting business that produces and predicts income. 

You’ll learn how to clearly define and make sense of every area of your business. More importantly, you’ll learn what areas you haven’t paid enough attention to, which ones you’re paying too much attention to, what to do about those, and how to do it. 6ix is super hands-on, all the way down to the forms and charts the reader fills out at the back of the book.

You Should Read 6ix Kick-Ass Strategies Of The Million-Dollar Entrepreneur IF: You are the owner of a business of any size and you want to make sure your business strategy makes sense – as well as dollars.

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