#706: Becoming A Micromanager of Your Life – Why And How [WOYG Podcast]

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If you’ve ever had a micromanager who HAS some form of authority over you — coach, teacher, parent, supervisor — it was probably a pain in the ass, an experience you’re glad is over.


When it comes to you and your own life though, being a control freak is a good thing. You should take it as a compliment when accused of such. The more control you take, the more you have, and the more you dictate your own destiny. Which is the most any of us can ask for.


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2:19 topic announcement You can and you must make sure that your pot is boiling. Micromanaging your goals and making sure you achieve it 1000%

2:46 you need to pay attention to your work/projects objectives

4:48 It’s not someone else’s job to watch your pot boil

5:01 It’s your job to make sure things are working

5:13 Point I in many ways Micromanaging is a good thing

5:49 It’s about you micromanaging your success

5:53 Definition of micromanaging

6:44 difference of micromanaging others and micromanaging yourself

7:44 Micromanaging is a good thing

8:56 Point II   Fallacy of the statement “Watching a pot doesn’t make it boil”

11:57 Plan B

12:42 If you’re not going all in and make sure that your pot’s going to boil, you have to be sure that you have a plan b

12:50 Referencing Ep 229 Plan B is for people who don’t believe in Plan A

13:00 Disclaimer on Plan A thing

14:18 Taking time to think.

16:22 Point III Taking Ownership

18:06 If it exists I’ll find it.

20:44 If you had a boss that was micromanaging you in your work, what would it look like? Think about that.

22:43 If you don’t have Ideas on how to make your own pot boil you better find out how. keep on try ing out ideas.

24:42 Recap

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