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My first basketball coach told us, at the beginning of practices, that anyone who showed himself to be a consummate garbage man — a player who was willing to do the dirty work that many glory and points-seeking players abhor — would guarantee himself a spot on the roster. Though we all wanted to be on the team, who ever wanted that garbage man role would have no competition for the spot. The coach knew that.

In life today, what keeps many people from getting to where they want to be is a distinct unwillingness to do the dirty work: the unshareable, not-pretty tasks that must be done to bring plans to conclusions. I’ll explain what that dirty work is, and how to condition yourself to do it, today.

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2:14 Topic Announcement: Don’t be too cool to get your hands dirty.

2:49 Social media is our life’s highlight reel.

4:40 Make it a conscious thought to be willing to get your hands dirty despite seeing     everybody else’s highlight reel.

5:10 Point I there is dirty work in every single job.

6:00 Leaders are willing to do the dirty work if needed.

8:18 You cannot become a boss if your people, don’t know that you are willing to do the same work that they are doing.

9:10 Point II You cannot make demands in life until you are in demand.

16:00 Point III Being willing to take on and do the dirty work comes from or makes you the peroson on top.

17:08 Point IV   The willingness to get your hands dirty combined with the higher levels of skill you’re able to develop produce the results of greatness.

18:25 Michael Jordan example

22:00 Recap

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