#714: Interview: Wes Pifer (@WOUCoachWes) of Western Oregon Men’s Basketball [WOYG Podcast]

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Wes Pifer (@WOUCoachWes on Twitter) is an assistant coach at NCAA Division 1 Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, AZ. After finishing his collegiate playing career at Penn State Altoona, Wes playing professionally in Germany before jumping into coaching, which he knew was his calling in life.

Starting as volunteer at his high school alma mater, Wes progressed to Miami-Dade junior college (which was nationally ranked when Wes was there), then to Division 2 St. Andrew’s and now a Division 1 school, and he journey is far from complete.

We talk about Wes’ background as a player and how he recruited schools instead of waiting for schools to recruit him (very important for athletes), to how a player can stand out amongst the hundreds (!!!) of walk-on inquiries Wes receives every single day, to the personal and professional development Wes invests in regularly, and a lot more in between.

This is the first of the interviews for the podcast; share your feedback!

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3:25 Topics Discussed during the Interview

4:52 Introduction: Wes Pifer

10:04 Wes Pifers Background

12:21 Confidence and Everyday Work

13:05 You Need To Get Better

16:02 Work Ethic

16:52 Prospecting Colleges after High School Basketball

19:40 Wes’ Journey from Methodist University to Penn State Altoona

32:16 Experiences on playing for Penn State Altoona

38:15 Wes After College Basketball

39:14 Reference Episode 698: The Power of the Follow Up

39:22 For Amateur Players Looking to Play Overseas

41:30 Basketball “Exposure” Camps

42:10 Reference Episode 698: The Power of the Follow Up

45:46 Reference Episode 709: Research = Information = Action

46:30 Wes’ Pro Basketball Journey

52:00 Giving Back to the Community

53:40 Making Sure You Do Right By The People You Deal With

56:58 Breaking In to the Coaching Industry

57:52 Wes’ First Coaching Job to Where He Is Now

59:19 You Always Have To Be “ON”

1:02:50 Discipline and Accountability

1:03:45 Those Who Attempt Shortcuts, In The End, Get Cut Short

1:07:45 How Much Does Talent Matter

1:13:40 What Is The Best Way To Format A Highlight Tape

1:18:16 What Separates A Player from the Others

1:23:50 Separating Yourself Mentally

1:27:08 Advice For People Who Want To Get into Coaching

1:28:53 There Is No Lack Of Opportunity

1:31:30 Wrap Up

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