#718: Stress – A Sign Of Weakness [WOYG Podcast]

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You may disagree with this one. And that’s OK with me. Just be sure to understand the type of stress I’m talking about today.

This is the stress that gets you down, weighs on your brain, slumps your body, and drains your energy. The stress that dominates your mind and blocks you from doing anything productive. The kind of psychological stress that’s a choice. While you’re in it, you’re weak.


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2:44 Today’s Topic: Stress is a sign of weakness

4:50 Stress- A pressure or tension exerted on a material object

5:25 Pressure – Continuous force or tension, the sate of being stretched tight.

6:00 Point I: Feeling pressure is a choice.

9:18 If you are feeling stress, it means you have chosen to or you have allowed pressure to crowd in on you.

9:40 Point II: When a person says he is feeling stressed, that means that person is looking for something/someone to relieve that stress…, but leaders are always looking to take on more.

11:55 Leaders/ go getters are always looking for ways to test ourselves against our best possible selves.

14:22 Point III: Life may have the slight edge on the score cards right now against you, because you’re allowing stress get the upper hand.

17:11 At any moment your life can end therefore you need to always be ahead on the score card.

17:50 Recap

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